Penname: TarisianDreams [Contact]
Real name: Robin Stafford
Member Since: 17 Oct 2013
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Bio: My current projects are:
Star Trek:
Mene Mene Tekel uPharsin: This work is on hold until I find a beta reader who can also soundboard. I'm not confident in writing Khan without some feedback. If you are a fan of TOS Khan and want to beta-read for this work, please PM me! I am not using the origin comics for CumberKhan.
Shadows of Time: I'm more lenient with this work, but having some soundboarding here would be nice, too. This is a 3-part series. Arc 1 is more or less complete. I've just finished the last edit (I hope) and am letting it sit for a week before I give it the final once-over and trim it of A/N. In addition to the parts, I may have some supplemental works to flesh out backgrounds for characters or scenes we might not see, otherwise. Update: I am currently waiting for two ST books to come through the post, both of which I need for research (The Galactic Whirlpool and Probe, respectively). As a result, I will not be posting further installments until after NaNoWriMo.
Extras: This work will be pretty meticulous and is more of a writing exercise than anything. I'll be taking the novelization of STID and writing background characters scene by scene. There'll be some McGivers, Kyle, and other background characters, as well as some of the feature characters who didn't get much screentime. This project is slow-going, so don't expect it to show up for a long while.
In November, I'll be taking a break from writing fanfiction, in order to work on my original stuff. :) Just a heads' up. I've decided to work on a zombie apocalypse piece. Wish me luck!

Like many of you, I enjoy writing. Also, like many of you, I enjoy reading.
I also love movies.
I once wrote a bit of Final Fantasy 7 fanfic, back in the day, but Real Life stole me away and I haven't written fanfic since, unless you count text-based RP, which I'm sure many do not. I really never got into the forum-side of fanfiction, either. So bear with me if I step on toes. I'll do my best not to.
As for my real life, it is spent helping Japanese students learn and practice English. As there are times where I must transcribe sheets and sheets of what can only be described as High School Engrish, do not doubt that my skills as a proofreader will be focused on my work and not my hobby. That said, I do have a keen eye for errors, so I will do my best to give other authors a few heads up. You are welcome to do the same for me. Therefore, please do not be offended if I am not up for a proper beta-read.
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS, TNG, nu!Trek, Tron, Dune, Stargate SG1, Babylon5
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