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Bio: Robert Bruce Scott is a musician living in Indianapolis. Lead singer and mandolinist for il Troubadore - the 16th Century Rock Band. RBS has published one book of short stories available on Amazon for download: Wide Awake and Staring - Readings for 3:00 a.m. RBS stories tend to blend the fantastic with horror, but are, at heart, stories about human realities.
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Series by Robert Bruce Scott

With the threats from the Borg and the Dominion receding and the Romulan, Cardassian and Klingon empires each in shambles, the United Federation of Planets is the undisputed military and economic hegemon of the Alpha Quadrant.


Scattered across more than a thousand worlds, the two-hundred-odd member species of the UFP - led by a burgeoning human population - are experiencing peace, prosperity, freedom and justice unprecedented in the history of any civilization...

Until a doctoral dissertation by an obscure professor of Philosophy at Harvard University exposes a flaw at the heart of the Federation - and rocks the mighty UFP to its core.


These are the stories of the U.S.S. Hunter - a Star Fleet patrol vessel - and its small crew of brilliant misfits who are charged with cleaning up this awful mess...

Parent Series: None
Categories: Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager
Characters: Ensemble Cast - Multiple
Genre: Action/Adventure, Family
Warnings: Adult Language, Adult Situations, Character Death
Challenges: None
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