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As you can probably tell from my profile, I normally dabble only in general and teen audiences, and rarely write works with more…should I say…daring content. Outside of fan fiction, my style generally consists of novel-length works, but I stick to ten or so chapters here on Ad Astra. And often my works are far shorter than that.

I cross-post to Archive of Our Own, FanFiction, Ad Astra, and my blog. These links take you to my profile pages.

Current projects include my Trials of Peace series, Perspectives series, Reunion series, and Odo series for DS9. When I have these posted to Ad Astra I will link to them here. I also have several smaller WIPs not yet posted.

Feedback is always welcome. No matter if there's a comma out of place or a missing plot element, I want to know where I can improve. (Although hopefully my work isn't still riddled with plot holes by the time I deign it ready for posting!)

As always, thank you for reading and giving me your time.

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Series by PerseShow
Summary: 900 years after the Dominion War, demi-Prophet Benjamin Sisko calls upon Miro Dax, Kira Eeris, and Odo to stop the Romulan Empress Viresa, the Dominion, and even the Borg from reducing the galaxy to a smoking cinder. There's just one problem…these three would-be heroes can't even get along with one another.

Planned Titles:
Keep in mind that all titles and premises are tentative.
#4 Battle Stations
Eeris returns to Bajor to avert a Cardassian occupation, but soon finds herself saddled with more responsibility than she ever bargained for. Meanwhile, the Dominion enters negotiations with the Romulans and gears up for war.
#5 Downfall
Summoned by a desperate Starfleet, Miro helps the Federation fend off the joint Dominion-Romulan forces in an attack that drives him to question his vigilante lifestyle. On Bajor, Odo and Eeris try to rebuild—both Bajor and their friendship.
#6 Salvage
On a mission to establish contact with the disabled Enterprise-L, Miro is confronted with the painful truth of his past and Odo begins to wonder if he is truly wanted in the Alpha Quadrant. On Bajor, Eeris takes a risk to put her planet back on the political map.
#7 Resurrection
When Odo finds a way to restore the Prophets to the Celestial Temple and begin to redeem himself for letting Nerys's gods die, the consequences for the galaxy are disastrous.
#8 Whirlwind
As the Federation, now controlled by the ambitious Section 31, fights Bajor tooth and nail for power, Miro and Eeris struggle to make sense of their evolving relationship.
#9 Vendetta
Naral Prallax finds the perfect way to stop Miro from risking his life for the galaxy: to exploit his fear of losing Eeris. After all, he'll most certainly choose her over galactic peace…won't he?
#10 Assimilation
The Borg are back. Beaten to the quick in the aftermath of Voyager, they are few and desperate, making them more dangerous than ever—thus plunging the Alpha Quadrant into its darkest hour.
#11 Precipice
When a new virus threatens the Great Link, Miro, Eeris, and Odo will stop at nothing to prevent genocide…but will that mean losing the war?
#12 Gunpoint
In order to conquer Viresa and her Dominion allies, Miro must face centuries-old fears, Odo must make an impossible choice, and Eeris must be her people's rock even through a crisis of faith.
#13 Aftermath
Miro, Eeris, and Odo must help the Alpha Quadrant rebuild in the aftermath of the war. But it's all too easy for duty to stand in the way of healing.
Parent Series: None
Categories: Deep Space Nine, Expanded Universes
Characters: Dax, Miro, Kira, Edoli, Kira, Eeris, Kira, Jayde, Kirel, Eella, Odo, Prallax, Naral, Sisko, Benjamin, Viresa
Genre: Action/Adventure, Angst, Family, Friendship, Romance
Warnings: None
Challenges: None
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