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ATTN TrekLit & DS9-R fans! Want to know what happened between The Soul Key and Rough Beasts of Empire? Then read Deep Space Nine Season 10!

This is my first Fan Fic project, and it's a pretty massive one, so I hope you'll indulge me, and I hope you enjoy!

As a bit of entertainment for myself, I have previously made a project out of adapting all the existing DS9 relaunch novels into screenplays, as if they were seasons 8 and 9 of the show. 26 episodes from Avatar to Unity (season 8), and 24 episodes from Unjoined to The Soul Key (season 9).

Now that the DS9-R seems to have fizzled out and people are wanting to know what happened between The Soul Key and Rough Beasts of Empire, I decided to come up with my own stories to fill the gap. Another whole 22 episodes, hence "season 10."

The stories are written in screenplay form, as if they really were TV show scripts, each episode approx 60 pages. So it's a big investment, both by me as a writer and by you as a reader. As well as posting the original text onto the board, I've formatted each episode as a PDF to download and store if you want.

During these 22 episodes, I plan on answering many of the questions TrekLit readers in general, and DS9-R readers in particular, have had ever since The Soul Key. Answers to what happened with the Dominion, the Ascendants, Dax's transfer, and lots more. Timeline-wise, episode one picks up right after the last page of The Soul Key, and by season end, we will be up to the beginning of TNG's A Time to... series.

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Hi all

Following on from my DS9 Season 10 fan-fiction project of a couple of years ago, I am finally ready to present DS9 Season 11.

When I wrote season 10, it was intended to be the be-all-and-end-all. I had no intentions of writing anything else. But inevitably I found myself asking once again, “What happened next?” With later novels returning to the DS9 milieu and dropping more tantalising hints about what had happened in the meantime, I had plenty of story threads to tease out and explore.

This is another 22 episodes following directly on from what happened in season 10, and filling in even more of the missing time from the DS9 stories. To help you to place it in the Star Trek universe, this season takes place simultaneously with TNG’s A Time to… series, and in the year before the events of the Destiny trilogy.

In fact it appears that the official DS9 novels may be returning to the Ascendant storyline themselves in the near future, and rather mercenarily, I wanted to make sure my own stories were out there first.

I intend to upload the new stories at a rate of one per week. If you want my advice, I would suggest that you re-read the last three episodes (“In the Stars”, “Into the Fire” and “Ascension”), which form a season-ending three-parter, as I will be following up pretty closely on events from all three. Or if you’re pressed for time, just the season finale will do.

Thanks in advance for your patronage!


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Welcome to my ‘DS9 Season 12’ project, aka “What were the DS9 crew up to during the Borg Invasion?”

These 22 (actually 25) episodes follow on directly from my DS9 Seasons 10 and 11 projects, which were intended to fill in the gaps in the DS9 storyline, before the professionals at Pocket Books went back and did their own version. Like the previous seasons, this set is written in screenplay format, as if they were 22 episodes of the TV series.

Unlike 10 and 11 however, the Destiny storyline is too big for one series - I plotted out 22 episodes each for all of the four series involved - Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Titan and Voyager. I did not write 88 scripts though - just the 22 DS9 ones. That is, until it comes to the big season finale, at which point it is no longer possible to separate the four series into their own threads so I just wrote a big four-parter featuring all four series equally. Hence why it’s really 25 eps, not 22.

Also unlike Seasons 10 and 11, 12 is based much more closely on the existing books. I do not claim any rights to the original material - that belongs to the authors and editors of the books in question, whose names all are listed below. My stories are adaptations and reinterpretations of those books, with my own ideas woven in and around and through. The list of books which I used in this project (whether adapted, reinterpreted or just was inspired by) are:

The Next Generation
Death in Winter, by Michael Jan Friedman
Resistance, by JM Dillard
Q&A, by Keith RA DeCandido
Before Dishonour, by Peter David
Greater Than the Sum, by Christopher L Bennett
Losing the Peace, by William Leisner
Paths of Disharmony, by Dayton Ward

Deep Space Nine
Rough Beasts of Empire, by David R George III

Full Circle, by Kirsten Beyer
The Eternal Tide, by Kirsten Beyer

Taking Wing, by Michael A Martin & Andy Mangels
The Red King, by Michael A Martin & Andy Mangels
Orion's Hounds, by Christopher L Bennett
Sword of Damocles, by Geoffrey Thorne

Gods of Night, by David Mack
Mere Mortals, by David Mack
Lost Souls, by David Mack

Articles of the Federation, by Keith RA DeCandido
A Singular Destiny, by Keith RA DeCandido
Revenant (Seven Deadly Sins), Marc D Giller

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