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Bio: I've been a Trekker since 1966 and a fanfic writer since 1960 through many genres including "The Tall Man," "The Rifleman," "Rambo," "Star Trek Voyager" and "Leverage." I'm planning to write more Trek soon.
My other hobbies are Indian crafts and swimming. I used to participate in rodeo but got too old for that. =:)
I'm widowed and live near Houston Texas.
Feel free to drop me a line.
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Series by Soquilii
Summary: For those interested in the Janeway/Chakotay relationship, certain moments in the series lent themselves to fanfiction or begged completion or expansion. These are a collection of my J/C Moments which are nowhere near completion. I am continuing to write them as I review the episodes of Star Trek Voyager. I think they qualify as a series.
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Categories: Voyager
Characters: Janeway, Kathryn
Genre: Romance
Warnings: PWP
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