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Bio: What character in your favorite fandom do you most identify with?

My favorite fandom is Star Trek, the original series, followed probably by Voyager and Deep Space Nine. My all time favorite character who I identify with is Spock. Spock is an outsider. He doesnít fit in with Vulcan society or that of Earth. Plus, heís an iconic character - loyal, honest, and willing to die for what he believes in.

My most favourite creator?

Thereís so many books that Iíve enjoyed and TV shows and movies. My favourite authors would include Ursula LeGuin and C.J. Cherryh, along with A.C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov. The artists I admire are mainly from this era like Frank Frazetta, who paints far off worlds and alien people. Science fiction in all its many forms has been part of my life since I was ten or so. I like the strange and otherworldly. TV shows would have to include Star Trek, of course, but also Doctor Who and the two Stargate series. Although Iím addicted to Lost right now.

What was your first fannish creation?

My first fannish creation that I can remember was Avellach, but I think I was born with a pen in my hand. Iíve always loved to write and to draw. From a very early age I can recall telling stories in my head.

What talent would you like to have that you donít have?

Again, thereís so many things Iíd love to be able to do! But I think Iím a perfectionist. If I could play an instrument or dance Iíd have to be top notch at it.

Whatís something no one would guess about you?

I doubt anyone would guess that as a little girl I wanted to be a ballerina. Iíd only seen ballet on the television. But the first time I saw a ballet at the theatre it was such a disappointment. Though the dancers were still graceful and very skilled Iíd never realized how much noise they made. All I heard was the thump, thump, thump as they bounced about the stage. Another dream dashed.

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Reviews by karracaz
Scientific apparatus by Gumnut    Rated: K+    Liked  Reviews (8
Summary: Sometimes you understand more than you know.
Chapters: 1    Table of Contents
Categories: Original Series
Characters: Spock
Genre: Friendship
Warnings: None
Series: None
Completed: Yes    Word count: 1912    Read Count: 1396
[Report This] Published: 20 Apr 2009 Updated: 20 Apr 2009
Reviewer: karracaz Signed
Date: 20 Apr 2009 Title: Chapter 1: Scientific apparatus

I can see this happening. Spock isn't like most full blooded Vulcans after all. We know from Wrath of Khan that he remembers special occasions. I enjoyed the fact that you made it for McCoy and not Kirk. Not sure about the star rating thing on Ad Astra so I won't go there. :)

Those Who Remain by Nerys Ghemor    Rated: M    Liked  Reviews (6

2375--The Septimus Massacre.

They were the enemy. It was deserved.

Or was it?

Hear the voice of Massacre survivor, Gul Zejil Rebek, and remember and reflect--for "this, but for the hand of grace, could have been you."

Chapters: 1    Table of Contents
Categories: Deep Space Nine, Expanded Universes
Characters: None
Genre: None
Warnings: Violence
Series: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions
Completed: Yes    Word count: 2187    Read Count: 1714
[Report This] Published: 18 Sep 2009 Updated: 18 Sep 2009
Reviewer: karracaz Signed
Date: 22 Feb 2010 Title: Chapter 1: Those Who Remain

Thank you for introducing me to this story. My first fanfic about Cardassians. You obviously have a deep regard and understanding of the culture... much of which never came across in DS9 as far as I can recall. You certainly 'write' them very well. I definitely like all the detail. The realism of the battle comes across vividly...the Jem'Hadar fused into the deck plates is a very effective visual. Best of all, Rebek's character shines through.

Author's Response:

The Cardassians, equal to the Bajorans and second perhaps to the Klingons, were actually one of the best-developed cultures we saw in Star Trek for all time.  I've had to extrapolate a good bit, of course, but the good thing was that there was a lot of source material to go from.

You are most welcome, and thank YOU for reading--I'm really glad you liked it!


Drawing a Cardassian can look like a daunting task--well, worry no more!

Learn why Cardassians have the features they do, and take a step-by-step approach to drawing them, and you'll discover there's nothing to're really a much better artist than you thought!

Chapters: 3    Table of Contents
Categories: Meta, Essays and Everything Else
Characters: None
Genre: None
Warnings: None
Series: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions Background Information
Completed: Yes    Word count: 6718    Read Count: 17879
[Report This] Published: 20 Dec 2009 Updated: 01 Jan 2010
Reviewer: karracaz Signed
Date: 23 Feb 2010 Title: Chapter 1: A Crash Course in Cardassian Anatomy

How very interesting and informative! Biological and cultural differences among species in Star Trek is one of the reasons I've watched the show over so many years. Your treatise here is a great help in learning more about Cardassian origins... and for settling human curiosity.
(I'm not sure I understand the star system I left your essay with none - but I'd give it five out of five!)

Author's Response:

No worries about not leaving stars...I actually don't like the star system, so that's fine with me! :-)

I'm glad you enjoyed my theories about Cardassian origins!  Almost all of that was original information I gleaned from looking at the makeup, and one chance comment in Andrew J. Robinson's book A Stitch in Time that I chose to interpret as literal, not just figurative.  (Garak in that book refers to Cardassians sensing each other's energy can interpret it as something spiritual/metaphysical, but when I looked at everything about Cardassian makeup, and what we knew about their hearing, taking it literally actually made more sense.)

Logic Alone by M C Pehrson    Rated: K    Liked  Reviews (4

At age seven, Spock prepares to celebrate a Vulcan feast day. One happy family? Not quite. I wrote this in response to the February challenge about alien holidays.

Cover image from TrekCore.

    logic alone photo logicalone_zpsadfe79b1.jpg 

Chapters: 1    Table of Contents
Categories: Original Series
Characters: Grayson, Amanda, Sarek, Spock
Genre: Family, Holidays
Warnings: None
Series: The Black Hole
Completed: Yes    Word count: 521    Read Count: 979
[Report This] Published: 19 Feb 2014 Updated: 19 Feb 2014
Reviewer: karracaz Signed Liked
Date: 21 Feb 2015 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Ah, so, we share a passion! I always wanted to know how Spock became the person he was. Yesteryear, the animated episode was a revelation, and a delight, but all stories that feature him as a young boy become a great draw. He does suffer doesn't he? But maybe that gives him an inner strength for his life aboard the Enterprise.

Author's Response:

Thanks for the read! Yes, Spock is most always conflicted in one manner or another. You might also want to check out stories by li'l black dog, at least a couple of which are tales of Spock's childhood and very well written.  

An Empty Place by M C Pehrson    Rated: K    Liked  Reviews (13

A death in the family sets Spock thinking. Written for the TToT14 Ficlet Flashdance.

Image courtesy of nongpimmy at

     an empty place photo nongpimmy_zps03c2e661.jpg

Chapters: 1    Table of Contents
Categories: Original Series, Expanded Universes
Characters: Fielding, Lauren, Spock
Genre: Family
Warnings: None
Series: Star Trek: Beyond
Completed: Yes    Word count: 445    Read Count: 822
[Report This] Published: 21 May 2014 Updated: 21 May 2014
Reviewer: karracaz Signed Liked
Date: 05 Mar 2015 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Very poignant...especially now, with Leonard Nimoy himself passing. My cat, very elderly, is doing exactly what Mosha did...decorating the end of the sofa so I can empathise quite easily here.

Author's Response:

Thank-you. I also have lost beloved cats. Mosha had minor roles in other stories from my Star Trek: Beyond series. She had a special affinity for Spock.