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Summary: Past Featured Story

Hello everyone. With the discussion forum down and not all of us having our Ad Astra blogs up and going I thought I would try to create a little round robin story where we can all post a little response to my posited ‘How do we cope when technology fails?' prompt.


Our heroes would have to tackle Star Trek life without the magic of their technology - say no transporters, no replicators, no grav-plates, no warp power, etc. Maybe they find themselves in a crutch, maybe it ends up with some hilarious or fish out of water moments, or puts their lives in mortal peril. Have at it. Remember to keep it clean given the K rating and that this is just for fun to help us while over the absence of the forum.

Just post your prompt response as a new chapter and sign your name to the ‘chapter' you write. Well that's the plan. Fingers crossed as to whether this works! Remember, just write it, don't edit it to death - for this one time on the archive! ;)

Chapters: 3    Table of Contents
Categories: Enterprise, Original Series, Alternate Original Series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Alternate Universes, Expanded Universes, Meta, Essays and Everything Else
Characters: None
Genre: Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Friendship, General, Humor, IDIC, Other, Romance, Tragedy
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Completed: No    Word count: 1568    Read Count: 7963
[Report This] Published: 17 Apr 2012 Updated: 30 Apr 2012
Reviewer: CeJay Signed
Date: 18 Apr 2012 Title: Chapter 2: Cobbled Together by jespah

Has it really come to this, broccoli for dessert? Enterprise is in trouble alright.

Mighty nice gesture at the end.

Author's Response:

Thanks! I wanted him to kind of give up his slender grasp on order in exchange for his unnatural lust for the artificial pineapple flavoring, but at the same time, do something kind.

Reviewer: CeJay Signed
Date: 30 Apr 2012 Title: Chapter 3: Time for tea

Don't think Captain Picard ever went this many rounds with a replicator to get his beloved brew.

This man is determined. Like Janeway, nothing comes between him and his beverage of choice. Tea. Earl Grey Hot.

Author's Response: Wilcox is a little stubborn at times, and often set in his ways. a bit like me, nothing comes between him and a earl grey tea. thanks for the feedback.

Blood Red Dawn by TemplarSora    Rated: T      Reviews (49
Summary: The Borg return with a vengeance, striking the Vega Colony deep in the heart of Federation space. The USS Rafale, an Akira-class starship, is mobilized with a fleet to defend the planet.


Chapters: 11    Table of Contents
Categories: Expanded Universes
Characters: None
Genre: Action/Adventure, Friendship, Tragedy
Warnings: Adult Language, Character Death, Violence
Series: Rafale - Star Trek Online
Completed: Yes    Word count: 18997    Read Count: 23331
[Report This] Published: 25 May 2012 Updated: 27 Jun 2012
Reviewer: CeJay Signed
Date: 07 Jun 2012 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter 4

Really enjoying this story, especially the focus on the junior officers and the great, naturally flowing dialogue.

Hope Jess is ok after that battle. Would be a shame if her first bridge assignment turns out to be her last. But I'm sure that's not the first time that has happened. It's a risky job, after all.

Author's Response: Well, sure, people go flipping over the command chair all the time. :) Definitely sucks to be the poor soul stuck withOUT a seat/seat belt, though. This is why our parents tell us to buckle up in the car - in case we get attacked by unknown aliens. :P

Reviewer: CeJay Signed
Date: 07 Jun 2012 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5

Ok, so Jessica is not alright after the incident on the bridge but at least she is on her way to recovery and even gets to spend some time with her friends in the holodeck.

I continue to enjoy this story and getting to see much of what is happening from a junior officers perspective. By the way, did you establish what race Jessica hails from and how come she has a human name? Sounds like there's a story waiting to be told there.

Author's Response: Yuppers! Check out "Interlude - Grown" for a bit of backstory on how she got her name. :) And I'm glad you're enjoying the story; my goal was to do from just the perspective of the main characters, who all happen to be junior officers. That's why (later on) some things will happen that might leave you going "wait, what happened elsewhere on the ship?" The answer is...who knows? If the character wasn't there, they don't know, so neither do we. It turned into a neat dynamic (I thought at least) and I hope you continue to enjoy it!

Reviewer: CeJay Signed
Date: 11 Jun 2012 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6

Sounds like there is trouble in paradise. Or at the very least an omen for bad things to come. Things are simply too peaceful at the moment, leading me to believe something big is going to happen soon. Funny thing is, I'm enjoying this almost domestic vibe so much, I wouldn't even mind if nothing out of the ordinary would happen to Jessica and her friends for a while.

Also have been catching up wit Jessica's background story. Very nice and touching stuff.

Reviewer: CeJay Signed
Date: 13 Jun 2012 Title: Chapter 7: Chapter 7

Wow, she really does deserve her nickname, doesn't she?

I was afraid of something like this happening. If Jessica's closest friends really did perish in that attack, I imagine it is going to be a blow from which she will not soon recover. Good job of making us so emotionally invested into your protagonist.

Wider than the Sargasso Sea by jespah    Rated: K      Reviews (6

What did your father do in the war? Wider Than the Sargasso Sea Cover

Chapters: 1    Table of Contents
Categories: Deep Space Nine, Voyager
Characters: None
Genre: Drama, Family, Friendship
Warnings: None
Series: None
Completed: Yes    Word count: 8228    Read Count: 1681
[Report This] Published: 15 Jun 2012 Updated: 15 Jun 2012
Reviewer: CeJay Signed
Date: 19 Jul 2013 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Funny thing here. I only mean to read a couple of segments of this story for now and then come back later to finish it up but once I started I couldn't stop until I got to the end.

Mostly I think this was due to the compelling dialogue here. It flowed really well and I like dialogue heavy stories which aren't slowed down by too much prose. It makes them fun to read.

While the plot wasn't exactly subtle, I suppose it wasn't meant to be either even though I have to admit that I found the level of intolerance and prejudice displayed by the main characters here surprising considering that they're suppose to be Federation citizens. But then again, I guess I have a generally more optimistic view of the future and the basic decency of the human character.

The plight of poor Desh who of course had absolutely nothing to do with the Dominion War and yet was made to be a scapegoat as bad as a black kid in the South during the time of racial integration, was so compellingly written that I was really hoping for an uplifting ending. And I was not to be disappointed.

Author's Response:

Oh, thank you so much! I like to write dialogue and I like to get most of my exposition out that way. I'm glad that that appealed to you!

The Nolans and Kittriss and Freela have been through a lot. And the Breen were essentially responsible for all of that, and it is very hard to forgive that. These are people who want to be tolerant, and who really are, when you think about how diverse their society is. The acting company is really eclectic, and a lot of older Federation enemies are standing beside Kit or Gina as they complain about the Breen - Xindi and Klingons in particular - and so the words should feel hollow, the complains ironic. If it were the ENT time period, they might be complaining about Vulcans. In TOS, it would be Klingons. In TNG, it might be Ferengi.

I guess I am more pessimistic but I am also more of an ENT fan, and that time period is closer to our own and our own problems with people who are different. Desh is, in many ways, wearing a metal chador. You can't see his eyes, can't break bread with him, can't relate to his social habits and can't even touch his hand in sympathy. He is even more of a cypher than a Borg drone. 

I wanted the ending to be fairly optimistic, but things are imperfect. It isn't thunderous applause, but at least Gabby isn't clapping alone. It's a start. It is meant to be a slow thaw. But the gulf really is wider than the Sargasso Sea. This is one way to build a bridge.

Thank you again for your kind review.

Regrets by UncleRice    Rated: K      Reviews (3
Summary: What would drive a man to resign from Starfleet after thirty five years?
Chapters: 1    Table of Contents
Categories: Expanded Universes
Characters: None
Genre: Drama, Family
Warnings: None
Series: Monkey Wrench
Completed: Yes    Word count: 1671    Read Count: 1083
[Report This] Published: 23 Jun 2012 Updated: 23 Jun 2012
Reviewer: CeJay Signed
Date: 24 Jun 2012 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Kader's reasons to hand in his Starfleet badge are about as good as they get. Starfleet's supposed moral superiority isn't quite as flawless as Admiral Jones would like to think. Kader's arguments were strong and well conceived and I couldn't help but agree with most of them.

Interesting how you managed tp weave in a bit of history as well as cybernetics into this tale.

Author's Response: Details and coherency matter a lot to me, maybe it the mechanic in me. I've got a time line put together to keep everything in place. I was going to have the Enterprise at Jupiter station, but then I discovered that Enterprise B went off line in '29 and Enterprise C went online in '32, so I decided to be vague about the other ships present.

Choices by UncleRice    Rated: T      Reviews (2
Summary: Malcolm Kader has been his own captain for four years. He has his own ship, his own engineering lab, two crates of Romulan ale, and a beautiful young passenger. What more could he possibly want? How about not having Romulans shooting at him? That would be good.
Chapters: 1    Table of Contents
Categories: Expanded Universes
Characters: None
Genre: Action/Adventure
Warnings: Violence
Series: Monkey Wrench
Completed: Yes    Word count: 2894    Read Count: 1101
[Report This] Published: 29 Jun 2012 Updated: 29 Jun 2012
Reviewer: CeJay Signed
Date: 01 Jul 2012 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Yeah, Nimbus II ain't no paradise even if the name of its capital city would like you to believe otherwise.

Great little story in the best, roughish space jockey fashion, complete with a damsel in distress, a vile villain getting his due and ... robots?

Author's Response: The robot's role was part intimidation part misdirection. There is no machine matrix. At least not yet. It's whole statement was written by Kader to distract the enemy.

Concord by jespah    Rated: K      Reviews (18

Temporal interphases are tricky things. Concord Cover  They kidnap you to unfamiliar places and times, in clothes that are not your own, as you wonder how you’ll ever return to what you know.

Chapters: 6    Table of Contents
Categories: Enterprise, Alternate Universes
Characters: Reed, Malcolm
Genre: Drama, Romance
Warnings: None
Series: In Between Days, Interphases
Completed: Yes    Word count: 19521    Read Count: 11920
[Report This] Published: 23 Jul 2012 Updated: 23 Jul 2012
Reviewer: CeJay Signed
Date: 01 Aug 2013 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

And we're off to bad omens. Man, I always knew this massive collider/accelerator thing buried in Switzerland was bad news. Now, is is going to be responsible for the end of life as we know it?

Well, whatever happens, it will have an affect on the Enterprise and/or her crew.

A great teaser for what sounds like an intriguing story.

Author's Response:

Aw, thanks! As I was writing this, the Higgs Boson was found, so the connection was hard to resist.

Reviewer: CeJay Signed
Date: 01 Aug 2013 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2

Alright, this went into a strange place quickly, though I suppose the title gave as a clue of where we may end up.

The opening here was wonderfully jarring to both the unexpected Malcolm and the equally unexpected readers.

Now a 22nd century Starfleet officer will find himself in a world totally unfamiliar to him. Let the hijinks commence.

Author's Response:

Let the hijinks begin ....

Reviewer: CeJay Signed
Date: 01 Aug 2013 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3

Talking about an unfamiliar world, you're doing a great job here of filling it with fascinating characters who sound perfectly at home in this time and place, making it even more obvious how much out of place Reed is.

And then of course there is the mystery of what has happened to Malcolm, which is as much as a mystery to him as to the reader. Who is the dreamer, indeed?

Author's Response:

I have a Philosophy background, and so the story gets existential pretty quickly.

And, thanks!

Reviewer: CeJay Signed
Date: 01 Aug 2013 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter 4

I'm totally impressed how you managed to capture the language and maybe even more importantly, the tone, of this era. That's not easily done and and no point do we not feel like we're truly in colonial times.

And I really like how eager Malcolm is in helping his savior and hostess, fully understanding that there is very little he can do by himself in this time. Not just as far as trying to return to his own time, but also, surviving in this unfamiliar world he has landed in.

The diaries and letters are an especially nice touch, a natural stand-in on what would have formed an entry into once personal log in the distant future, it gives us a great view deeper into these characters thoughts and feelings.

Now the questions is, who is Lennox and is he the solution to Malcolm's dilemma?

Author's Response:

All will be revealed.

And, yes, of course, the letters and diaries are absolutely stand-ins for personal logs. I'm so glad you picked up on that.

Reviewer: CeJay Signed
Date: 01 Aug 2013 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5

Answers at last.

That's why people shouldn't mess with time travel. 9 times out of 10 things will just go wrong and then look what kind of mess you make.

But all's well that end's well it would appear, even if Malcolm had to learn, once again, that he simply cannot catch a break with the ladies when he falls for the most unattainable woman he's ever met. Poor dude.

Author's Response:

All is not lost .... ;)

Reviewer: CeJay Signed
Date: 01 Aug 2013 Title: Chapter 6: Epilogue

A second chance for Malcolm and Charlotte?

Really liked the way this story wraps up and the little epilogue which ensures a most unlikely second encounter of sorts thanks to the power of cosmic coincidence.

Great story and quite the ride you took us on. Well done.

Author's Response:

Oh, I thank you! I just adored researching and writing this. It was absolutely a labor love. :)

Summary: Past Featured Story

Cover Credits: Defiant-class mesh by Skye Dodds, Gallant hull textures by Steff & Me, Earth & Moon by NASA (public domain), Lettering and layout by me, Task Force Vanguard logo by CeJay.In this story that follows the popular crossover novel between Star Trek: Gibralar and Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead, The Chains of Error, continues with the USS Gallant as it is dispatched on a mission deep within Romulan space!


Stardate 54571.54: Nuhir t'Aimne risks everything to rescue her kin from being conscripted into the Rihannsu's most dangerous order, the Tal Priax.  Carolyn Kircheis and the crew of Gallant are tasked with breaking into Romulan space and helping her escape with her family before they're discovered and the fragile alliance between the Federation and the Romulans is threatened.

Chapters: 12    Table of Contents
Categories: Expanded Universes
Characters: Ensemble Cast - USS Farragut, Kincaid, Jesse, Lar'ragos, Pava, Leone, Krystine
Genre: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Family
Warnings: Adult Language, Character Death
Series: Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead
Completed: Yes    Word count: 36044    Read Count: 33026
[Report This] Published: 25 Aug 2012 Updated: 02 Dec 2012
Reviewer: CeJay Signed
Date: 03 Dec 2012 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter Three

What's bothering Kelley, I wonder? Does she really not like Romulans or is there something more.

I like her explanation for her underwhelming response to being offered a command. Serving on small ships like Gallant, it's almost as if you're in a whole different fleet, I'd imagine and certainly not what new recruits are shown in the propaganda material.

Reviewer: CeJay Signed
Date: 03 Dec 2012 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter Four

Woah, tense talk between Kircheis and Kelley. And it looks like the XO has a pretty good reason to mistrust the Romulans. Too bad she appears unwilling to consider exceptions to this rule. I don't think neither of them handled this situation very well which could lead to problems down the line.

Meant to ask, is the Border Patrol the same as the Border Service or a different agency within Starfleet?

Reviewer: CeJay Signed
Date: 26 Aug 2012 Title: Chapter 1: Prologue

Not heavy on details, the prologue never the less firmly establishes a great conflict as our presumed protagonist must choose between loyalty to family or state. The decision is going to have far-reaching implications I'm sure and I can't wait finding out what familiar faces will make an appearance in this tale.

Reviewer: CeJay Signed
Date: 01 Sep 2012 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter One

The other question to ask is; was Pava ever alright to begin with? Oh well, that's a question for somebody else to solve.

A sad but poignant memorial service. As expected the death of Ariel is hitting Leone especially hard. For all her toughness and professionalism, this is not something she can handle easily.

I like the dynamic between Kircheis and her XO, by the way. She may not be particularly street smart but her loyalty is impressive.

Reviewer: CeJay Signed
Date: 02 Sep 2012 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter Two

This new clocking device sounds interesting but I'm sure I've come across the holographic concept before somewhere. May not have been in Trek canon, I don't remember.

Leone comes across as very cold and abrupt here. I'm not sure if that is her normal admiral command mode or if perhaps she is overcompensating for her emotional outbreak earlier.

I like the addition of Schweinfurt to the crew. His nickname and his unreciprocated romantic feelings towards Tei add some of your trademark comedic elements to this otherwise quite serious tale.

The First Terrace of Purgatory by Lil black dog    Rated: K+      Reviews (8

I know this has been done to death, but this is my spin on what Kirk felt during Spock’s death in TWOK, and how it fits with my personal canon.  Essentially a H/C piece, heavy on the hurt, with virtually no comfort.

 photo TWOKDeathScene_zps6d9d1a09.png

Chapters: 1    Table of Contents
Categories: Original Series
Characters: Kirk, James T., Spock
Genre: Angst, Friendship
Warnings: Character Death
Series: None
Completed: Yes    Word count: 1183    Read Count: 1176
[Report This] Published: 27 Aug 2012 Updated: 27 Aug 2012
Reviewer: CeJay Signed
Date: 09 Sep 2013 Title: Chapter 1: The First Terrace of Purgatory

Undoubtedly one of the most poignant and dramatic moments in Trek history, explored through the eyes of the most affected person.

The sense of dread and loss is completely palpable. But even more interesting, and maybe something we didn't really get in the scene in the move, is the sense of guilt.

And it is not entirely misplaced. Sure, risk is their business, but the risks Kirk takes, perhaps more willingly than others, also invites significant danger to others. And nowhere is that more apparent then when he has to watch his closest friend die in front of his eyes, unable to do anything to help.

Wonderful little story packed with a wallop of raw emotion.

Author's Response:

Thank you, CeJay.  I think we see more of the guilt in SFS, but it got its roots here if you ask me.


Star Trek: Gibraltar At the Gates CoverThe exciting story that continues the Task Force Vanguard saga begun in At The Gates!

As the surviving ships of Task Force Vanguard’s first wave struggle to stem the incoming tide of alien refugees, a foe from Captain Sandhurst’s past returns to make an already agonizing situation immeasurably worse. Conflicted by loyalties both new and old, Sandhurst and the crew of the starship Europa must battle to prevent the nearer reaches of the Delta Quadrant from collapsing into anarchy.


Chapters: 13    Table of Contents
Categories: Expanded Universes
Characters: Ensemble Cast - USS Gibraltar
Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, Friendship, Mystery
Warnings: Adult Language, Adult Situations, Violence
Series: Star Trek: Gibraltar
Completed: Yes    Word count: 70942    Read Count: 30315
[Report This] Published: 30 Oct 2012 Updated: 25 May 2013
Reviewer: CeJay Signed
Date: 05 Nov 2012 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 1

A lot of fascinating things are a foot here. Pava being a jerk (what's new?), evil Ramirez sleeping with the enemy and the great Amon perhaps not so great after all.

The epic tale continues!

Reviewer: CeJay Signed
Date: 30 Dec 2012 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 4

It has to be said. One of the most heinous and brutal attacks on a starship ever put to 'paper'. Difficult to read but without doubt, absolutely perfectly executed, it gave me chills.

And then there is Sandhurst's Story. The man is clearly changed from what he has once been, evidenced by his latest actions. The questions that remains: Changed for better or worse?

Reviewer: CeJay Signed
Date: 05 Nov 2012 Title: Chapter 1: Prologue

In Star Trek as well as in Gibraltar, death can never be taken for granted. Still, an amazingly unexpected twist to learn Ramirez has escaped her cruel fate.

Reviewer: CeJay Signed
Date: 10 Feb 2013 Title: Chapter 7: Chapter 6

This story continues to be be absolutely excellent.

And now we actually get a little bit of quiet time while everyone adjusts to recent changes.

Sandhurst picking Pava as his XO is a big gamble, for sure. Let's see how that plays out.

Author's Response:

C'mon, you *know* there's gonna be tears, right?  ;-)