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I like all things TOS. I read because I love good stories, I write because I can't help it, and I beta in exchange for warm fuzzies (and an occasional cookie ;-) ). I am a High School and college English and writing teacher, so I thoroughly enjoy helping others with their writing, as I have time to do so. Constructive Criticism welcome.
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Reviews by Gatekeeper
The Revenant by Mistral    Rated: T    Liked  Reviews (12
Summary: FeatureWhen you leave the Nexus a piece of you stays behind. What part? And what happens if it gets out?
Chapters: 1    Table of Contents
Categories: Original Series
Characters: Kirk, James T.
Genre: Horror
Warnings: Violence
Series: None
Completed: Yes    Word count: 3796    Read Count: 1543
[Report This] Published: 29 Jan 2009 Updated: 29 Jan 2009
Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed
Date: 28 May 2014 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

When this first started, I was thinking the 'part that was left behind' was the other part of Kirk--the part he took back inside him during the episode The Enemy Within, which I would find interesting. My second thought was that maybe this was a mirror universe story, only maybe Kirk himself didn't know that he was not in the right place, and therefore, neither did we.

The real answer--that he was a remnant from the Nexus, who was attracted to his own physical body after it was buried by Picard, was actually very clever and even more fascinating a story line than the two I was thinking of.

I can understand why they locked him up, and I have to wonder if they won't find themselves doing the same thing once he returns to his own time. Not that he will kill people there--I understand he was doing that here to get noticed and brought back to the future where he belonged, but if he doesn't act like the Kirk they knew and loved, I see them wanting to find out why as well, and also eventually perhaps having to handle the 'problem'.

The only two things I didn't completely understand is how Spock was supposed to identify him if he wouldn't tell them his last name, and there was no opportunity for anyone to take or publish a picture of him. Also, wouldn't Spock, knowing he's killed all those people, try to go back in time to before it happened, so that the timeline wasn't changed by their deaths?

I like the two doctors you created, especially Doctor Kim. I'd like to see this expanded, to know how Spock plans to stop Jim from carrying out his plan of seeking out Edith, if he does, and also to see what happens next for this revenant. Does he find a place?

Overall, this was a fascinating story, and one that will stay with me for a long time. Thank you.

Author's Response: I think you missed some of the point. Kirk was only a fraction of his whole self. The murdering thing was him being "not whole". But he made sure the headlines said a man claiming to be from the future committed the murders.Just like when Spock scanned for Kirk when he was with Miramanee, he never let up looking.

Challenge Response: Legacy by Funngunner    Rated: T    Liked  Reviews (7
Summary: An exploration into the reasons behind Cadet Kelly Mahan chose to enroll in the Academy, after her mother's death.
Winner: "Motivational Motivations" Challenge
Chapters: 1    Table of Contents
Categories: Expanded Universes
Characters: Ensemble Cast - Multiple
Genre: Drama, Family
Warnings: None
Series: None
Completed: No    Word count: 1154    Read Count: 1200
[Report This] Published: 19 Mar 2009 Updated: 19 Mar 2009
Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed
Date: 31 May 2014 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

I have to say, I think there does come a moment in most every child's life when he or she leaves behind the things that are important to the child, and starts to embrace the things that will one day be important to the adult that child becomes--perhaps more important than he or she realizes at the time. You captured that moment beautifully.

I also liked the counting. It drew me in immediately, as I wanted to know why she was counting, and what number she would reach.

I liked how her mother encouraged her to work on the athletic part, which was what was giving her a problem, and encouraged her not to give up. Too often, relationships between a mother and a daughter (especially a teenaged one) are portrayed as tumultuous, and while they definitely can be that, it is nice when stories show the other side of the coin--that some mothers and daughters do have a good relationship, and manage to keep it, even when their children are teenagers.

I think it was a good choice to show the physical transformation, since she said she wasn't good at that part before.

The last two paragraphs were a bit of a surprise. When we learn that her father is a widower, and also that he is drunk. The implication is, of course, that he started drinking after her mother's death. I get the sense that he is proud of his daughter, but also frightened for her. He fears she will meet the same fate as her mother, and that fear makes him cynical. You did a good job of writing her death and his character in a very short amount of space.

This story was a fantastic read, and though I've not yet gotten the chance to read Their Finest Hour, it is now definitely on my To Read list. Great story!

Summary: "The Reaper" and "the Red Menace" strike again!
Winner: Headlines Challenge
Chapters: 1    Table of Contents
Categories: Expanded Universes
Characters: None
Genre: Other
Warnings: None
Series: Tales Of The Storyteller
Completed: Yes    Word count: 920    Read Count: 1642
[Report This] Published: 13 Jul 2009 Updated: 13 Jul 2009
Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed
Date: 30 May 2014 Title: Chapter 1: The Reaper and the Red Menace

I like very much that this is written as a news article. The requirements of a journalistic piece are different from those of a short story.

It also works quite well to give the ship and her Captain both a nickname. I like that the Captain is known as "the reaper" and makes members of organized crime syndicates quell at the mention of her or her ship, aka "The red menace".

This almost has an "untouchables" feel to it, which makes it all the more enjoyable. But, unfortunately, organized crime still exists, though they took down perhaps the largest of the syndicates, as evidenced by the fact that those criminals who remained, raised the bounty on Scanlon and her ship from four million to six million credits.

This was a fantastic read, and very enjoyable. Well Done!

The Size of His Dream by LJC    Rated: K+      Reviews (2
Summary: Leonard McCoy was not what Christopher Pike expected
Chapters: 1    Table of Contents
Categories: Alternate Original Series
Characters: McCoy, Leonard (Urban), Pike, Chris (Greenwood)
Genre: Drama, General
Warnings: None
Series: None
Completed: Yes    Word count: 1918    Read Count: 1827
[Report This] Published: 08 Aug 2009 Updated: 08 Aug 2009
Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed
Date: 27 May 2014 Title: Chapter 1: The Size of His Dream

First let me start off by saying I like this. I am torn about how I feel about Abrams Star Trek, but McCoy is one of my favorite characters in either iteration. I also feel like he's probably the one who came the closest to being true to the character Star Trek fans already knew, while finding his own distinct personality nuances in the character.

I like how you give Pike two distinct postings--recruiting officer while the Enterprise is being built, and then Captain of the Enterprise later, but you make it clear he still holds the rank of Captain. That's a unique perspective, and one I hadn't considered; in my mind, he was simply a Captain who was between ships, working at the Academy or at Starfleet HQ while waiting for his orders to come down.

Another part of this which I found interesting was his reaction when Pike asked him about his daughter. She's the light of his life, and yet, he's leaving, which indicates a pretty bad divorce. The bitterness in his voice when he talks about the divorce is pretty true to life and to McCoy's character. I could picture the look that made Pike almost flinch.

I love that McCoy's record is solid, and Pike can tell that he is a good recruit, even though he's likely hung over and gets the shakes from thinking about flying or transporting. Obviously, he saw something in McCoy that told him to ignore all of that and sign him on anyway.

Overall, this is a delightful read, which reads almost like a scene from the movie, and the characters are very well written. Thank you.

Bridge by SLWalker    Rated: K      Reviews (4
Summary: (2371) - We all know Star Trek canon, so I don't know if this actually contains spoilers, but it does have some for the Arc of the Wolf. Scott makes one last trip to South Bristol. For the Haunted challenge, though in a more psychological sense than literal.
Chapters: 1    Table of Contents
Categories: Original Series
Characters: Scott, Montgomery (Scotty)
Genre: Tragedy
Warnings: None
Series: Arc of the Wolf: Uncategorized, Arc of the Wolf
Completed: Yes    Word count: 1822    Read Count: 1050
[Report This] Published: 23 Aug 2009 Updated: 23 Aug 2009
Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed
Date: 27 May 2015 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Oh my! How breathtakingly lovely and heartbreaking at the same time. It's amazing how a place can imprint itself on a person in such a way.

This hit home for me, in a way, because I know how Scott feels. As I think you know, I lived in Eastern Europe for two years, and even though I've been back in my home country for ten years now, there are still times I am thinking about Romania and I get so homesick for the life I had there that I could cry. The thing is, though, I felt exactly the same about my life here, while I was there.

It's a strange thing to realize that life is going on without me there because I'm here, and yet I have a full life and friends and family that I love here, too. Unfortunately, nothing remains the same, and like Scott, if I went back there now, it wouldn't be the same experience. Likely, there would be few people who remembered that I once lived among them.

This is a great character piece, showing how Scott is aging, and his thought processes as he does so. I've read bits and pieces of the Arc of the Wolf, as I've been able to catch the time, and I have to say that I love the series, and this story is a good addition to it. I'll look forward to reading more.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It is definitely a work in progress and probably will be for the next few decades of my life. <3

The Fleet Meet by Terilynn    Rated: T    Liked  Reviews (5
Summary: Captain Beth Riker runs into a former CO.
Chapters: 1    Table of Contents
Categories: Expanded Universes
Characters: McGregor, Tristan, Riker, Beth
Genre: Drama
Warnings: Adult Language
Series: Star Trek: Heritage
Completed: Yes    Word count: 2933    Read Count: 1389
[Report This] Published: 07 Sep 2009 Updated: 07 Sep 2009
Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed
Date: 31 May 2014 Title: Chapter 1: The Fleet Meet

This is quite an interesting look at what should be a routine meeting of all senior brass, and then some relaxing R&R. I like the interaction between Beth and her XO, Dryden, and then later, her husband.
Captain Jerbin is more a character that one likes to dislike. Don't we all know people like this--people who seem to poison the air they breathe, and for no apparent reason? I've known several and none of them belong in positions of authority, but unfortunately, sometimes, that's where they end up.

I have to think that Beth isn't the reason Jerbin's son isn't speaking to him, but rather that the son might first have been torn between loyalty to his father and his Captain, who he sees is a good CO, and then starts to see his father for who he is, and realizes that this view Jerbin holds of Beth is skewed by his own attitude. Maybe she'll get promoted before him, and can then sanction his behavior because she outranks him. I know he's been a Captain longer, but people like that sometimes hold themselves back because of their view of the world. One can hope.

You captured the complexities of the emotional responses to such an event beautifully, and this story drew me in and made me want to read more. I'll be checking out the series. Bravo!

The Ultimate Man by Gojirob    Rated: K      Reviews (2

Doctor Daystrom has created something to replace Kirk--or is that someone?

Chapters: 1    Table of Contents
Categories: Next Generation, Original Series
Characters: McCoy, Leonard (Bones)
Genre: Drama
Warnings: None
Series: Remixes
Completed: Yes    Word count: 363    Read Count: 1081
[Report This] Published: 16 Jan 2010 Updated: 16 Jan 2010
Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed
Date: 29 May 2014 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

This is an interesting take on the episode, The Ultimate Computer. Data and Lore embodied the concept of 'ultimate computer' better than probably anything else in Trekiverse did.

There's so much promise here, for what could potentially happen with those two in charge of Kirk's Enterprise, and at war with one another.

You've captured Daystrom's madness well, and the characterizations are well done. I imagine it is Lore that got Dr. Daystrom's brain waves. I hope you expand this at some point, as I would love to see a redux of the whole episode, and see what happens next once they are totally in charge of the ship, and how they shut Lore down.

Nice work!

Author's Response:

This is one of those where I felt I had a 'neat idea', but not something I wanted to pursue to a full story. As to who got what from Daystrom, I would say that Lore got all his cocky ambition, 'How can it be wrong when it's me?' attitude, while Data got the far humbler self we saw prostrated and begging M5 to stop the lethal wargames.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

House Rule #5 by IntrepidSovereign    Rated: K    Liked  Reviews (5
Summary: House Rule #5: If the Captain gets wind of an interesting story, just smile, give her what she wants, and nobody gets hurt.
Chapters: 1    Table of Contents
Categories: Expanded Universes
Characters: Satterwhite, Sydney
Genre: Humor
Warnings: None
Series: House Rules
Completed: Yes    Word count: 929    Read Count: 966
[Report This] Published: 19 Jan 2010 Updated: 19 Jan 2010
Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed
Date: 27 May 2014 Title: Chapter 1: House Rule #5

First let me say this story was a very enjoyable read.

I have to imagine that this is part of a series of stories, since its title is House Rules #5, isn't it? Please say it is.

I love how the Captain is lying in sickbay, fingers steepled like a Vulcan, and expecting her CMO to recount details of a past personal life. You did a great job with the characterizations--I could picture his embarrassment and her excitement.

I still haven't decided if Tate was telling her the truth, or making up a story because she was insisting on a story, and then making it into a dream.

His romantic vision which he recounted as part of the dream was sweet, and I like the fact that the Captain still feels she learned something new about her CMO--something that she didn't know before. Some people are romantic at heart, but have no idea how to express that to others, and so they come off looking one way, when they are actually quite different.

I like the Captain's moment with Nurse Rifki.

Overall, this was a very well written story, and a wonderful read. I hope to see more.

Temporal Prime Headache by Garm Bel Iblis    Rated: T    Liked  Reviews (6
Summary: Tom paris is recruited to repair the timeline by the USS Relativity
Chapters: 5    Table of Contents
Categories: Voyager
Characters: Ensemble Cast - Multiple, Paris, Tom
Genre: Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe
Warnings: Adult Language
Series: None
Completed: Yes    Word count: 9577    Read Count: 8828
[Report This] Published: 03 May 2010 Updated: 03 May 2010
Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed
Date: 29 May 2015 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

So, within just a couple of paragraphs B'Elanna and the Captain are vaporized, and the ship is apparently being attacked by persons unknown.

I feel so bad for Tom, having just gotten close to B'Elanna and then losing her. And I'm sure the loss of Captain Janeway was a blow to the ship as a whole.

I understand Tom's need to DO something--anything to help the ship and to make their deaths mean something. That's a hard place to be, and it sounds like what Tom has to do is dangerous, but I know why Tom feels the need to do it as well.

I'm curious as to what the USS Relativity is doing in the area, and why they haven't offered the Voyager assistance. Are they in some sort of temporal anomaly? Have they entered an alternate dimesion?

Off to read the next chapter and find out.

Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed
Date: 29 May 2015 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2

Guardians of the Temporal Prime Directive--that's an interesting concept. I've always had a bit of a quandary about the Prime Directive. As in, how do we know the Krenim's, in this case, were not meant to perform that experiment and set themselves back in time, and along with that, how do we know that by going back to change it, we aren't forcing the future we want, and not the one we are meant to have? How do we know we aren't winning our futures at the expense of other beings?

The Temporal Imaging Chamber is like a huge choose your own adventure book or something. I agree with Tom that he would have to be a focal point, since he is there.

I have to wonder though, wouldn't they want to work backwards in putting the pieces together. How will they be able to tell where Square One is? And if they erase Tom, will that restore him and the Voyager back to their own timeline, before they ever got the ship thrown so many light years away? Or would it simply erase Tom, and by extension, the rest of the ship, from existence.

Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed
Date: 29 May 2015 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3

okay, now I'm a bit confused. I can't tell if this is a dream, or some sort of alternate universe they've entered, but it will be interesting to find out what is going on.

Your writing is good, but you leave out a few words here and there, making it a bit hard to read.

I don't blame the doctor for looking death and destruction in the face and wanting to react with violence. It won't help anything, but it is a very human response.

Looking forward to reading more.

Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed
Date: 29 May 2015 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter 4

The first part of this chapter doesn't ring quite true to me. I know Janeway needs every single person she has, but I don't think she'd be able to trust Ro enough to let her anywhere near the bridge or any other parts of the ship where she could continue to betray them.

Although, I am not really sure what's happening here, as Janeway was dead in Chapter 2, on her ship, and now she's alive and well again. This story is raising lots of questions, and I only have another chapter or two to find out the answers. Off to the next...

Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed
Date: 29 May 2015 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5

Okay, now I understand that the past two chapters were attempts to find the catalyst and fix the timeline.

I'm glad they were able to restore the timeline, and that Tom, B'Elanna, and the Captain all ended up back where they were supposed to be, but at what cost? The Voyager was never supposed to be in that sector of space as it was, so I can see them wanting to fix the timeline to give the other beings the disturbance in the timeline hurt a chance to be restored.

Why couldn't they restore the timeline to a time before the Voyager was even there, thus sending the ship back to where it was supposed to be and giving them the chance to make a different decision next time, though whether they would remember where they had been or not is hard to tell.

Overall, this was a very interesting story. I will look forward to reading more of your work. I want to go back and read some of the middle chapters, now that I fully understand what was happening.

Past and Future by Soquilii    Rated: T      Reviews (2
Summary: A bit of J/C; Chakotay is led on a different kind of vision quest.
Chapters: 1    Table of Contents
Categories: Voyager
Characters: Chakotay
Genre: Romance
Warnings: Adult Situations
Series: None
Completed: Yes    Word count: 2644    Read Count: 1210
[Report This] Published: 16 Sep 2010 Updated: 16 Sep 2010
Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed
Date: 25 May 2015 Title: Chapter 1: Past and Future

I have to admit, I never really watched voyager until the summer re-watches here at Ad Astra last year, so I am not as familiar as I could be with the characters, but I am familiar enough with the characters in this story to follow along easily.

First, I like that the story comes full circle. It starts with Neelix talking about the mushroom stew, and then Chakotay has to tell Neelix of his allergy. It's a mark of how much the crew respects Chakotay that Neelix wanted so badly for him to be able to enjoy the soup that he sought out the doctor to find a way to make it for him.

Involving the Traveler character in this story was an inspired move--and then having the Traveler show Chakotay not only what might have been, if things in the present were different, but then also show him one small part of what the future holds, if things remain the same. How many of us wouldn't like to know some small part of what the future holds?

It's a dangerous road to see the future, and especially to only see a part of it, for as some Native American philosophies suggest, there are as many possible futures as there are decisions to be made in a lifetime, and each one of those tiny decisions can change the future. So, I find the idea that the Traveler is so sure of the future a bit disconcerting, but maybe there are forces at work there that we don't understand. A being like him would be able to exist in many different dimensions at once, and would see time differently. I don't know. It's interesting to think about.

I like the story very much, and will look forward to reading more of your stories.

House Rule #3 by IntrepidSovereign    Rated: K      Reviews (7
Summary: House Rule #3: Don't talk about the frying pan. Ever.
Chapters: 1    Table of Contents
Categories: Expanded Universes
Characters: Ensemble Cast - USS Adirondack
Genre: Humor
Warnings: None
Series: House Rules
Completed: Yes    Word count: 2902    Read Count: 1098
[Report This] Published: 07 Oct 2010 Updated: 07 Oct 2010
Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed
Date: 14 Jul 2014 Title: Chapter 1: House Rule #3

I love, love, love this story. We have everyone trying to scare the newcomer, and the newcomer getting a couple of good frights of her own in.

I identified with Chay because that's the way I would be, too, I think...taking it seriously but finally going to ask and finding out it was a joke and then finding a way to get a measure of revenge.

The story she made up was pure gold. The Rings trilogy is one of my favorite stories, and I love that she used the inscription from the one ring as the words the pan spoke. If you think about it, it is even kind of fitting in a way, as the stories bind this crew together. This was a humourous story, and a fantastic read. Well done!

Crackerjack by jespah    Rated: K    Liked  Reviews (13

Did you ever hear about the time that Wesley and Geordi saw Ted Williams hit a home run?


Crackerjack cover

Chapters: 8    Table of Contents
Categories: Next Generation
Characters: Crusher, Beverly, Crusher, Wesley, La Forge, Geordi
Genre: Family, Romance
Warnings: None
Series: Interphases
Completed: Yes    Word count: 8547    Read Count: 15321
[Report This] Published: 09 Dec 2011 Updated: 16 Dec 2011
Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed
Date: 14 Jul 2014 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

I love the fact that this is a story within a story, and the music adds much to the experience.

I find it interesting to think of Wesley Crusher as a 100 year old man, with five grandchildren.

I like the interplay between Wesley and Giordi here, but my first thought when Wes programmed the replicator for sun-glasses was that surely they have the technology in the twenty fourth century to make sunglasses out of the same material they used to make the visor, so that Giordi would be able to see, and then I realized that they probably did have the technology, but not with a replicator. That would be a job for someone working by hand, and they didn't have that option once they were already back in the past.

I'm glad they were able to get Geordi's glasses to cover his visor posts. No one in the 1940's would understand what they were seeing there.

Author's Response:

This story was originally written for a child, and the truth is, I hadn't thought of that. Thank you for the insight!

Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed
Date: 14 Jul 2014 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2

When I saw the date, the first thing that came to mind was that this is three months before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, so all is right with the world for 1941. I don't know if that plays into the story at all, but I'll keep reading to find out.

I really like baseball, though I don't keep up that much with the history of it, and couldn't tell you who any but the most famous players were.

I found the play between characters interesting here. We are still twenty some years away from the Civil Rights movement, in Washington DC, which isn't southern by anything but a technicality, and all of the different attitudes and reactions regarding a white man and a black man together were very believable to me. We were very much a nation still trying to feel our way through the issues of race and prejudice at times, and I think you've demonstrated very well what DC in the 1940s would be. Some people are trying to help and some are flat out racist and I think that lends a depth to the story that works well.

Author's Response:

Thank you - I wanted DC because of the obvious connection to government, justice, and equality - but unfortunately life was not like that for so many people.

Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed
Date: 14 Jul 2014 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3

Aww. Maybe Geordi's having an easier time with Ms. Rosemary than he does with women on the Enterprise because he knows they aren't staying. That kind of takes the pressure off. I am glad that he's met someone and is having a good time.

You just can't beat the prize from the Crackerjack box. I think everyone looked forward to those.

I like that Wesley is giving the two of them some time together, and going for food.

Author's Response:

I wanted to give Wes some sensitivity and a little of a grownup air, that he could realize to do that without having to be told to make himself scarce for a while.

Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed
Date: 14 Jul 2014 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5

Doesn't every father want what's best for his children. Rosemary's a great character, and I love we get a little more backstory on her here. Her mom died of a heart attack and her brother fell in with the wrong crowd and died, so now it's just the two of them and of course he's overprotective of his little girl. I like the interchange between her and her father, where she reminds him that the words he speaks in church on Sunday are also words to live by every day. Likewise, the interchange between Geordi and her father is a solid scene.

Those cross burnings are bad business. I don't and have never understood why someone would do that to a neighbor, but I have seen it happen and helped clean up the mess once or twice, and I totally understand the family's fear. You've captured that time in history very well.

Author's Response:

Thank you - we are Northerners and always have been, but of course it's appalling to see (and to know that it still sometimes happens). I remember busing riots happening in a city I'd never been to (at the time) called Boston.

The reverend definitely wants what's best for Rosemary, and that's probably to get her married to a fellow with a steady job. He just can't see that with Geordi (and he's right, although not for the reasons he thinks). I also recall my mother, who is about 12 years younger than Rosemary, going to college and basically learning that there were three jobs for college-educated women: teacher, nurse, and librarian. She picked the latter.

Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed
Date: 14 Jul 2014 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6

I find it interesting that they have never heard of a lady doctor, but I guess that would be right for that time period. I guess it just never occured to me because we had a female pediatrician who practiced medicine in our town for 85 years. She died two years ago or so at 116. She delivered most of two or three generations of babies there.

I like that Geordi decided to show her his eyes without the glasses, and that he made her promise to keep the secret. I'm not sure who would have believed her if she had told them, anyway. I'm glad he took that precaution, though.

And I like the repetition of the line "My memory has enough film in it."

Author's Response:

That is THE line (and I'm glad you picked up on it). I had never seen a female doctor until I was a teenager (in the '70s).

Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed
Date: 14 Jul 2014 Title: Chapter 7: Chapter 7

I really, really love this story. I'm glad they got their fusing done and managed to get back to the Enterprise in one piece. I hate that Geordi had to leave Rosemary behind, but perhaps he will take more chances from here on out, and maybe Wesley learned something as well.

This is a very enjoyable story, and I can't wait to see how it all ends up.

Author's Response:

Oh, thank you! And I wanted to comment on the music - that was a lot of fun to put together, not only to find what they might be hearing on the radio, but also what goes with each chapter.

Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed
Date: 14 Jul 2014 Title: Chapter 8: Chapter 8

Aw. This is a perfect ending for this story, and it seems Wesley did intenalize the messages he learned over those two days. This was a fantastic read. Well done.

Author's Response:

Oh, I thank you so much!

I do occasionally write Wes and L. as young lovers and I have a drafted series (needs work; maybe I'll haul it out for Unblock the Block week) following him after the Traveler when they first start dating.

Choices by UncleRice    Rated: T      Reviews (2
Summary: Malcolm Kader has been his own captain for four years. He has his own ship, his own engineering lab, two crates of Romulan ale, and a beautiful young passenger. What more could he possibly want? How about not having Romulans shooting at him? That would be good.
Chapters: 1    Table of Contents
Categories: Expanded Universes
Characters: None
Genre: Action/Adventure
Warnings: Violence
Series: Monkey Wrench
Completed: Yes    Word count: 2894    Read Count: 950
[Report This] Published: 29 Jun 2012 Updated: 29 Jun 2012
Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed
Date: 29 May 2015 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Okay, first let me say that I love that you've named the ship the Monkey Wrench. That, in itself, alludes to the fact that this won't be a smooth ride. I like the fact that we are immediately thrust into the center of the conflict.

I am very interested in this Romulan passenger, and the cloaking device that she stole.

There are some clever elements in this story, like Dar being able to change her appearance with a mask that makes her look different even after it comes off.

I wonder if they'll be successful stealing the Klingons goats--I don't want to contemplate the repercussions if they aren't.

Looking forward to reading more of your stories.

Letting Go by Lil black dog    Rated: K+      Reviews (6

Letting go of the past (or present) can be difficult for some; next to impossible for others...just ask Kevin Riley.

Chapters: 1    Table of Contents
Categories: Original Series
Characters: Kirk, James T., McCoy, Leonard (Bones)
Genre: Angst, Friendship
Warnings: None
Series: None
Completed: Yes    Word count: 3999    Read Count: 1191
[Report This] Published: 10 Nov 2012 Updated: 10 Nov 2012
Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed
Date: 21 Dec 2013 Title: Chapter 1: Letting Go

A good read.

I've always liked Kevin Riley, and this is very close to what I imagined happened to him as well. Those two events, which happened fairly close together, were just too embarrassing and too much for the young man. He would probably have been teased relentlessly for the Psi 2000 event, and then when Kodos returned, he was singled out again, first by being sent back down to engineering, and then because he tried to kill Kodos himself. Word spreads quickly in a confined space. That feeling, that everyone is looking at you, knowing what you've done, is disturbing to say the least, and I wouldn't have blamed him a bit for wanting a change of scenery.

And, of course, it was beautifully written with your usual sensitivity.

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Summary: Sometimes, there are flashes of something... other.
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Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed
Date: 20 May 2013 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Interesting beginning...will be looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Author's Response: Thank you kindly. <3