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Life long Trek fan since I was a small child started with TOS.  I got started writing Star Trek almost 10 years ago doing pbem (play by email) rpgs.  After getting burnt out with that, I took a break.  I realized that while I did not care for the politics that came with rpg's, I did miss writing.  It's taking me some time to find what I want to write about, but something's coming.

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Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead is a short story series centering around the Nebula-class multimission heavy cruiser USS Farragut and the members of her crew.  Led by their commanding officer, Captain Krystine Leone, Farragut's ability to take on many types of missions result in a myriad of different adventures, from courier duty to border patrol and everything in between.

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Characters: Elannis, Ariel, Ensemble Cast - USS Farragut, Kincaid, Jesse, Leone, Krystine
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