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Belfast by Shapesoftime, CC By-NC-SA

This story arc focuses on the Mirror Universe version of Montgomery Scott, for the most part, though the side stories have a whole lot of other characters and a whole lot of people you might not expect show up. Starting with his life as a rebel engineer, and Empire-created orphan, it follows how he got 'drafted' into Empire service and the rather cold-blooded results of that, all the way through the TOS era. He starts out as the hero of the story, but in the end... well, it's very much up to the reader how they view him.

This is a violent tale, but not entirely. Like most mirror stories, there are mentions of sex, violence and lots of other stuff, but it's not really glorified and never can be called gratuitous. It is also very plot-heavy in how things tie together, hence the reading order explained below. Just remember that he was born in 2222 and you should be fine.

Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace is the main story of the arc, and stands alone. It's written in past-to-present-to-past style. The rest of the stories, from Another Man's Treasure to Inevitable are all POV pieces that enhance the main arc. Those are meant to be read in chronological order.

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Comments: Just wow! It left me speechless at the end....