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Star Trek: Gibraltar series banner by Michael D. Garcia, using the Constitution Refit mesh from Star Trek: Austrailia and the background is by NASA (in the public domain).


A reluctant, newly promoted captain is given command of a 90-year old Constitution-class starship brought out of storage and refit during the waning days of the Dominion War. Now, in the aftermath of that destructive conflict, the Gibraltar is assigned to allied occupied Cardassian space. Their mission is to assist with the desperate humanitarian aid effort to rebuild a shattered Cardassian nation.

The crew of Gibraltar is not the finest ever assembled. They are an average Starfleet crew with limited resources assigned to tasks better suited to larger, more capable vessels. Nevertheless, Captain Donald Sandhurst and his crew struggle to fulfill their duty and accomplish their missions during a dark chapter of the Federation's history.

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Categories: Expanded Universes
Characters: Ensemble Cast - USS Gibraltar
Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, Friendship, Mystery
Warnings: Violence
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