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Real name: CJ
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Favorite Authors
1. CaptainSarine
A master at taking what's familiar and putting an entirely new spin to it, be it a story set in the distant future or an alternate universe.
2. David Falkayn
Fellow United Trek writer and responsible for The excellent Star Tek: Sutherland as well as the spin off Perseus and the TOS era Lexington.
3. Galen4
Not the most prolific writer but quality trumps quantity, especially considering his fantastic Star Trek: Intrepid stories. Also part of United Trek.
4. Gibraltar
One of the best there is in the Trek, original character, fan fiction community. It does not get much better than Star Trek: Gibraltar. Part of the United Trek shared universe.
5. kes7
Star Trek: Tesseract. Epic masterpiece.
6. mdgarcia
Michael's Star Trek: FSA is part of United Trek and filled with terrifically believable characters.
7. Miranda Fave
Star Trek from the odd angle, brimming with characters too outrageous to believe until you've read them.
8. TheLoneRedshirt
TLR is the unquestionable master of the 'ugly' Starfleet, thanks to his Border Service and their not so spit-and-polish heroes.