Penname: Gojirob [Contact]
Real name: Rob Morris
Member Since: 22 Jul 2009
Membership status: Member
Bio: Born 8/66, a mere three weeks before the TOS premiere, and was like as not being held by my Mom as it played. A near-lifelong resident of the Jersey Shore, a place with more diners, eateries and just plain food joints per capita than I care to rank. A lifelong ST and Godzilla fan, my magnum opus, The Ancient Destroyer Cycle, combines the two in an apocalyptic AU with not a little animanga influence thrown in. I also write humor pieces, and a M*A*S*H* X-over cycle. I have also written for Orion Press, mainly in a series set right after the opening of 'ST:Generations', and with Joe Manno of USS Liberty, a DS9/Voyager-era OCC, set aboard the third Sovereign-class vessel. My goal is to become a real bo--errr--writer. :D
Beta-reader: No
Gender: male
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