Penname: QueensJenn [Contact]
Real name: Jennifer
Member Since: 18 Jun 2011
Membership status: Member
Bio: I'm 25, I'm a 3rd year university student, a beginning bass-payer, and a lover of Romulans. Specifically, TNG era Romulans. Even more specifically, Tomalak. I don't know what it is about him that fascinates me, but I love him and I love writing him because in my mind he is both a powerful telepath and a snarky asshole, and uses both powers to his advantage.

Or maybe I'm just a fangirl of Andreas Katsulas. I also love the heck out of G'Kar, too.

I've been writing Star Trek fanfiction off and on since I was 10, and one thing always remains the same: I hate each and every word that I write. I consider every one of my fics to be pure garbage. Why I post them on here, I have no idea, other than I may be a masochist. I am prone to deleting them in fits of crippling self-doubt
Gender: female
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