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Bio: Hey everyone!

As you can probably tell from my profile, I normally dabble only in general and teen audiences, and rarely write works with more…should I say…daring content. Outside of fan fiction, my style generally consists of novel-length works, but I stick to ten or so chapters here on Ad Astra. And often my works are far shorter than that.

I cross-post to Archive of Our Own, FanFiction, Ad Astra, and my blog. These links take you to my profile pages.

Current projects include my Trials of Peace series, Perspectives series, Reunion series, and Odo series for DS9. When I have these posted to Ad Astra I will link to them here. I also have several smaller WIPs not yet posted.

Feedback is always welcome. No matter if there's a comma out of place or a missing plot element, I want to know where I can improve. (Although hopefully my work isn't still riddled with plot holes by the time I deign it ready for posting!)

As always, thank you for reading and giving me your time.

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