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ST: The New Threat coverThe crew of the starship Bellerophon investigate a distress call from a secretive  science outpost on the fringes of Federation territory.  When they arrive, only bodies and the wrecked remains of the outpost are found, and they're ordered to performed a standard investigation of the accident... under certain information restrictions imposed by the ship's captain.


But when they discover the result of the outpost's experiment, they realize that a brand new threat has been introduced to the United Federation of Planets, with only Bellerophon and her crew standing in the way...

Rated: M
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Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, General, Other
Warnings: Adult Language, Adult Situations, Character Death
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Published: 14 Sep 2010 Updated: 14 Aug 2012
Story Notes:

Doctor Who's Who


  • Erisa Magambo was a UNIT (UNited Intelligence Taskforce [United Nations]) Captain, she appeared in Series 4 (or Season 30, depending) episode "Turn Left," and the 2009 special, "The Planet of the Dead."
  • Martha Jones was the Doctor's companion during Series 3 (or Season 29).  She recurred in Series 4's "The Sontaran Strategem," "The Poison Sky," "The Doctor's Daughter," "The Stolen Earth," and "Journey's End," as a member of UNIT.
  • Ursula Blake and Ethan Pope were both a part of LINDA (London Investigation 'n Detective Agency) from the Series 2 (Season 29) episode "Love & Monsters."
  • Gwen Cooper first appeared as a Cardiff police constable in the series Torchwood (a Doctor Who spin-off), where she is one of the lead characters.
  • Toshiko Sato first appeared in the Series 1 (Season 28) episode, "Aliens in London."  She went on to be a supporting character in the spin-off, Torchwood.

Historian's Note

  • Star Trek: This takes place roughly eight years after Star Trek: Voyager's series finale, "Endgame."
  • Doctor Who: This takes place sometime after the 2009 Special, "The Planet of the Dead," and immediately before "The Waters of Mars."

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