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Season 2, Episode 3:

The USS Lambda Paz, as part of the Kalandra Campaign, is assigned to a strike force on the outer reaches of the sector. Former Obsidian Order operatives aboard station Sentok Nor are feeding information to Starfleet Intelligence, which Section 31 believes is part of a more devastating plot that is a threat to both the Federation and Cardassian Union. Doctor Aurellan Markalis is recruited to infiltrate a mysterious Augment cabal.

Rated: M
Categories: Deep Space Nine, Expanded Universes, Crossovers Characters: Ensemble Cast - USS Lambda Paz, Garak, Elim, Kozar, Ronnie, Markalis, Aurellan, Morrison, Mandel, Sullivan, Rebecca, Vircona, Limis
Genre: Action/Adventure, Mystery
Warnings: Adult Language, Adult Situations, Violence
Challenges: None
Series: Star Trek: Lambda Paz
Chapters: 6 Completed: Yes
Word count: 10898 Read: 17681
Published: 14 Jun 2010 Updated: 11 Jul 2010
Story Notes:
Title refers to Paul Revere's trip by horseback from Boston to Lexington to warn of British troop movements just prior to the start of the American Revolution, dubbed the "Midnight Ride."

Historian’s Note: The main events of this story take place one week after the events of “Afterimage” (DS9).

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