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Summary: The title is inspired by the Deep Space Nine novella miniseries "Worlds of Deep Space Nine" and the official title of the Star Trek fan fiction wiki. Here is a look at various alien races featured prominently featured in the post-series Deep Space Nine fanon and its spin-off series.
Rated: K
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Series: Star Trek: Lambda Paz, Deep Space Nine Expanded Universe background information
Chapters: 3 Completed: No
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Published: 12 May 2010 Updated: 26 May 2010
Story Notes:
May contain material of a sensitive nature regarding unique alien anatomies.

1. Bajor by Enterprise1981 [Reviews - 1] (1451 words)

2. Andor by Enterprise1981 [Reviews - 1] (1397 words)

3. Martosia by Enterprise1981 [Reviews - 0] (479 words)
Addresses the recent history of an alien race not featured in any canon or licensed non-canon works, but alluded to Star Trek: Lambda Paz