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The bitter divisions between solid and shapeshifter in the Gamma Quadrant serve the purposes of the Great Beast. Xenophobia and the need for total control will be paid for in the exact same manner--death.

Rated: T
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Genre: Tragedy
Warnings: Violence
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Series: The Ancient Destroyer Cycle : Alpha Signs (Creation to 2255), The Ancient Destroyer Cycle : Gateway Stories
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Published: 29 Mar 2010 Updated: 29 Mar 2010
Story Notes:

A sequel to 'The Assault Of Species Zero'

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If you think I created either Star Trek or King Ghidorah. that must mean you think I'm either Gene Roddenberry or Inishiro Honda, which is really cool, but sadly inaccurate. If you think I own either of these properties, then I have to wonder why I'm not publishing this professionally, and that makes me sad. Thanks!