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Summary: The dying years of the 24th century.

After defeating the Dominion and ending the threat of the Borg, the member worlds of the United Federation of Planets may well have hoped to finally find peace. After the dramatic destruction of Romulus, though, chaos seems destined to wrack the Alpha and Beta Quadrants for the forseeable future.

As both the Romulan and Klingon Empires draw ever closer to total collapse, a single man escapes from one of Starfleet’s few high security prisons and gathers a group of mismatched thieves, hackers and conmen to pull off the coup of the century: steal from Section 31 itself…

The players:

The Mastermind

Jules: A mysterious man with a shadowy past, his motivations for wanting to steal from Section 31 are as shaded as his knowledge of covert operations.

The Grifters

Eloria: A Kriosian empathic metamorph with a genetic fault that prevents her from imprinting a final mate, she has found her place in the galaxy as a high-class escort… and a formidable con artist.

Laezar: A Chameloid male serving a term in a Klingon prison, he has links to Section 31 and may hold the key to deciphering their final goal.

The Muscle

Ki’mel: A female half-Romulan, half-Klingon, she is a descendant of the Carraya IV settlement, trained in the fighting ways of many Alpha and Beta Quadrant races.

The Thief

Tag: A young Ferengi male with no lobes for business but a talent for pickpocketing and elaborate theft.

The Hacker

Elim Dejar: A former operative of the Obsidian Order with a few financial problems and a very angry bounty hunter on his trail.

As their plan unfolds, though, every single one of them will realise that they are wading in waters too deep to handle, and facing a chilling secret that could see the unravelling of the Alpha Quadrant itself...
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