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The staff of DS9 must rescue Keiko O'Brien--from the former staff of the MASH 4077th?

Rated: K+
Categories: Crossovers, Deep Space Nine Characters: Ensemble Cast - DS9
Genre: Fantasy
Warnings: Violence
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Published: 28 Jan 2010 Updated: 28 Jan 2010
Story Notes:

A crossover between DS9 and the long-running war comedy, MASH, including its short-lived sequel show AfterMASH, in which Rosalind Chao played Soon-Lee Klinger. Also, Rene Auberjonois played Father Mulcahy in the original film.

This story is also set in my MASH Xover AU, The Never Ending Battle, and in the same universe as 'A Letter To Nerys' and 'Telling'.

1. Chapter 1 by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (9553 words)

Keiko must keep her identity in 1957 a secret;  Father Mulcahy meets beings who look like his oldest and dearest friends; Miles misses his wife and Kira takes the heat.

2. Chapter 2 by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (9857 words)

Attempts to send everyone back to their proper time don't go quite right, and our heroes get wind of a conspiracy that will one day shake the world.

3. Chapter 3 by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (9373 words)

The 4077th crew dethrone a tyrant, cause a war, and then try to make things right.

Connections are made and drawn, and a cosmic battle once delayed is about to take place in Missouri of 1957.

4. Chapter 4 by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (7510 words)

As our story concludes, we say goodbye, farewell and amen, only to find that certain things we will not leave behind.