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The crew of the USS Voyager meet the Space Family Robinson!

Rated: T
Categories: Crossovers, Voyager Characters: Ensemble Cast - VOY
Genre: Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, Family
Warnings: Adult Situations
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 14 Completed: Yes
Word count: 90904 Read: 23539
Published: 21 Jan 2010 Updated: 24 Jan 2010
Story Notes:

Just before the end of Voyager Season 3, a crew on the verge of massive change meet travelers from a familiar universe where space explorations and first conacts began in 1997. We learn the secrets of the crew of the Jupiter 2 and Voyager, good and bad--including some that are downright disturbing. Two evils thought vanquished arise anew, and the crossovers go places no one would expect.

1. Prologue - Adopted Homes by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (1886 words)

A family comes together in an unexpected way, as do two of the great lost starship crews of science fiction.

2. Chapter One - Building Up by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (2718 words)

More history is revealed, Smith is a bigger pain than usual, and Voyager gives the Jupiter 2 the once-over.

3. Chapter Two - And You Are...? by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (7168 words)

The crews meet amid secrets and surprises.

4. Chapter Three - The Faces Of Zachary Smith by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (8718 words)

We learn a great deal about the Jupiter 2 and its residents, as a clash of values and goals begins to take shape. Kes faces the possibility that she is being stalked by the last person she'd expect.

5. Chapter Four - Analysis And Commentary by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (9872 words)

The EMH psychoanalyzes Doctor Smith; Paris and Torres help for the troubled Robinson children runs into problems of its own. Janeway must handle a revolt by Judy and Don against the authority of John and Maureen on a matter of life and death, as well as her relationship with Chakotay. Hints of dark mysteries are rising on Voyager.

6. Chapter Five - We'd Like To Know A Little Bit About You For Our Files by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (8439 words)

Tom finds an amazing secret in the files of the Jupiter 2, and reveals the single worst thing he ever did. Harry falls for someone--flat on his face. Neelix's behavior is explained--or is it? Will and Penny try to meet potential dates. And the reason why the Jupiter 2 was so far off course hits close to home.

7. Chapter Six - Nothing Changes by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (6918 words)

A day in the life of Robot shows nearly every single relationship falling apart while suspicion and distrust reign.

8. Chapter Seven - Always Fear... by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (4668 words)

The original, sinister Doctor Smith is back, and so is a foe Voyager thought gone once and for all. Also, the EMH faces deletion and undergoes a change.

9. Chapter Eight - Watching The Signs by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (7330 words)

The crew of the Jupiter 2 settles frazzled nerves and deals with Captain Janeway's command style. The crew of Voyager finally realizes something is really wrong with ship's systems, and the villains' scheme is revealed.

10. Chapter Nine - The End Of The Beginning by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (9774 words)

The heroes fight to retake Voyager takes many twists and turns, and one way or another, the spirits of the past will be laid to rest.

11. Chapter Ten - Best Choices (1) by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (7240 words)

New information on all fronts makes choices and living with them a challenge in the concluding chapter of the meeting of the two crews.

12. Chapter Ten - Best Choices (2) by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (6032 words)

13. Epilogue - And Yet We've Just Begun... by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (7749 words)

The future is an uncharted territory that both The USS Voyager and The Jupiter 2 forge ahead into, till at last they meet again.

14. Alternate Epilogue and Author Notes by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (2392 words)

Time for the author to explain himself, and also show what would have happened had the story ended differently.