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The 25th Of December can mean many things in the Star Trek Multiverse.

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Published: 05 Dec 2009 Updated: 11 Nov 2010
Story Notes:

Due to an error on my part, the first posting was deleted. This will be exclusively for December holidays.

1. The Flight To Safety (TOS, AU) by Gojirob [Reviews - 1] Liked (659 words)

In a follow-up to 'Bread And Circuses', the Enterprise finds that, for all the firsts it has encountered, a momentous second may be at hand.

2. Decrease The Surplus Population (DS9) by Gojirob [Reviews - 1] Liked (323 words)

Sisko's friends from other worlds offer their tribute to a Terran holiday--better have the Advil on hand.

3. A Feast I Don't Like In The Least (TNG) by Gojirob [Reviews - 1] (1107 words)

Picard becomes an unlikely defender of Christmas against a Grinch-like Ambassador.

4. As Sharp As Any Thorn (Enterprise) by Gojirob [Reviews - 1] Liked (1018 words)

At Christmastime, there are many carols sung. In this instance, the 'Carol Of The Bells' gives way to the 'Coventry Carol' as the holiday serves as grim reminder.

5. Boiled In Their Own Pudding (Voyager) by Gojirob [Reviews - 1] Liked (8271 words)

Christmas comes but once a year--something the crew of the USS Voyager may not view as a bad thing. Pointless arguments, ancient tensions, religious strife and dashed hopes make for a sobering batch of egg nog.

6. Buried With A Stake Of Holo (Voyager/TNG) by Gojirob [Reviews - 1] (3454 words)

In this sequel to 'Boiled In Their Own Pudding', Reg Barclay must defend his actions in the prior story to an angry Enterprise-E senior staff.

7. Don't You Tell A Single Soul (Enterprise) by Gojirob [Reviews - 1] Liked (484 words)

If the crew found 'Carbon Creek' hard to swallow, wait till T'Pol tells her next holly jolly story.

8. Lean Your Ear This Way (Ancient Destroyer) by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (752 words)

A shattered girl betrayed by her world undertakes to find proof of the ultimate children's myth. What will Saavik Brianna Kirk find, north of the Arctic circle?

9. Yes, Molly (DS9) by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (415 words)

Believe, and the most amazing things can happen.

10. The Endless March (Ancient Destroyer) by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (1206 words)

Two entities vie for the dreams of Peter Kirk, and one uses the iconic imagery of Christmas to battle the other.

11. He's Not Santa (DS9, Post-Series) by Gojirob [Reviews - 1] (527 words)

Yoshi O'Brien awaits a certain visitor...and gets more than he bargained for.

12. If Rankin-Bass Wrote Enterprise (Humor) by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (683 words)

When the masters of stop-motion holiday specials take on the fifth Star Trek series, Kris Kringle and Rudolph take a crash course in Archery!

13. Sisko Gets Mamed! (DS9 Humor) by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (654 words)

No one's been murdered--so why do I hear Angela Lansbury's voice?

14. Teaching The World (TNG Humor) by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (258 words)

Jean-Luc Picard does not drink Coke, nor does he smile while on duty.

15. There'll Be Scary Ghost Stories (Ancient Destroyer) by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (697 words)

A lost and lonely soul wonders at the sight of a shattered world, trying to take in the ghosts that keep on after the end. Can this Christmas be saved?

16. Ghidorah Is Grinched! (Ancient Destroyer Humor Filk) by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (412 words)

What do a giant Japanese monster, Boris Karloff, Theodore Geisel and the classic voice of Tony The Tiger have to do with Star Trek?

17. The Stars Are Brightly Shining (TNG Movie Era) by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (676 words)

With the innocence of a child, Data concludes a quest of many centuries, drawing faith and science together and startling his crewmates.

18. Peter's Christmas (Ancient Destroyer) by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (7061 words)

Christmas aboard the Starship Enterprise for one young man is a mix of heartbreak, nightmares, joy and wonder.

19. Show Me (Ancient Destroyer) by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (2045 words)

At the end of a very hard year, James Kirk meets the perfect person to counteract his pain.

20. That Keeps On Giving by Gojirob [Reviews - 0] (110 words)

Cultural ramifications and cultural contamination collide aboard the NX-01. Drabble featuring Phlox and Archer.