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Summary: In 2368 Prefect Dukat of Terok Nor learns that he has a new subordinate, the recently exiled Obsidian Order operative known to him only as Garak. Unable to resist visiting humiliation upon the Cardassian he holds responsible for the execution of his father as a traitor, he assigns him to run a tailor's shop to eke out a living as best as he can. After that he determines to think about Garak as little as possible, but this proves to be much more difficult than he hoped or planned.
Rated: T
Categories: Deep Space Nine Characters: Garak, Elim
Genre: Drama
Warnings: Adult Language, Adult Situations, Violence
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Series: Enemies and Adversaries Trilogy
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Word count: 4511 Read: 1716
Published: 03 Aug 2009 Updated: 03 Aug 2009
Story Notes:
As much as possible, I've tried to stay true to DS9 cannon and information presented in Andrew Robinson's "A Stitch in Time" in order to fill in the background for this story and to hint at things to come. If you notice any serious violations within that context, please do let me know so that I may correct it.

1. Power Play by PSGarak [Reviews - 5] Liked (4511 words)