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Summary: The word comes down from on high: Ensign Sydney Satterwhite is being assigned to the Pennsylvania. She just doesn't know it yet...
Rated: K
Categories: Expanded Universes Characters: Satterwhite, Sydney, Sutek
Genre: General
Warnings: None
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Series: Tales Of The Storyteller
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 248 Read: 1239
Published: 16 May 2009 Updated: 16 May 2009
Story Notes:
Inspired by SLWatson's "Traces of Winter" with format inspired by infiniteviking's "Nothing Can Go Wrong".

This was supposed to be the beginning of a longer story, but it's too short to be a chapter.

No, I don't know how Starfleet communiques are supposed to look. I just winged it! ;)

An expanded version of this is now a chapter in "Into The Inferno".

1. The Order by IntrepidSovereign [Reviews - 4] (248 words)