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The blank Exo III android body is faulty, so Data offers the only other body he can to Moriarty – his own. LaForge believes Data is acting out of guilt over his own father’s sacrifice to save him, as well as for allowing Rhea McAdams to die to save Lal. Data cannot deny it, but he will do anything to save his daughter. Data tricks Moriarty into another temporary holocube, held hostage while he locates Lal and Alice. Lal has recovered from her fugue – it turns out all that was needed to cure her “condition” was sleep, something she had been scared of before but now has learned to embrace. Data sends Moriarty back to Mudd’s planet (TOS “I, Mudd”) with Alice. LaForge returns to Enterprise, while Data takes Lal back home to Orion. Soon they receive a message – Mudd’s androids have succeeded in uploading Moriarty, Regina and their daughters into new android bodies. But Data worries about the kind of man he is now...



In desperation, the EMH “kills” Conlon to force the last Seriareen out of her and into his own matrix, then shunts it into the buffer where Barclay segregated his memories of Seven. The Hax also rejects the Seriareen, letting them dissipate into subspace. It is over. Starfleet leaves the Confederacy on good terms – Demeter and Galen revolutionised their medical care and agriculture, Vesta defused the Voth attack, and Voyager proved the Source really exists. On Earth, Julia Paris helps Janeway’s sister come to terms with Kathryn’s absence. For his help with the plague, Akaar promotes Icheb and sends him to the DQ with the others. Paris arrives just in time for B’Elanna to give birth to baby Michael, Sharak has many new stories to tell, and Seven reunites with Cambridge. But when the EMH deleted the last Seriareen, it took all his cherished memories of Seven with it. Seven promises to teach him everything he forgot.

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