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When her vessel is “damaged”, Challenger is forced to rescue Tal Shiar agent Sela. LaForge, Brahms, Nog, Scotty and Gomez put their findings from Intrepid into action, and find them-selves somehow outside the galactic barrier – with LaForge’s mother’s ship Hera floating in the void. Some aliens use a kind of “trans-slipstream” propulsion, and it caught Hera, Intrepid and a dozen other ships in its wake accidentally. Recovering the survivors from Hera – which sadly do not include LaForge’s mother – the crew tries to return Challenger to the galaxy. But Sela has of course interfered, trying to learn the secret of trans-slipstream for the Romulans and their new Typhon Pact friends. She is foiled, but Challenger is damaged. The Romulan ship comes through the anomaly and rescues Sela, the Challenger crew and the Hera survivors – a rare friendly gesture from the Pact. But the injured Scotty voluntarily stays behind, self-destructing Challenger to close the anomaly. Back on Earth, the engineers all attend a memorial for the Starfleet legend.



In an alternate universe, Department of Temporal Investigations agents Ranjea and Garcia are at the mercy of the Temporal Intervention Agency, a more aggressive version of the DTI created to meddle in time for the Federation’s benefit. Ranjea explains to Garcia that this is exactly why they lock things away in the Vault – to use them without understanding them would cause chaos. Ranjea and Jena Noi continue to clash, but they eventually bond as they join forces to stop the TIA acquiring the Obelisk. The battle throws all of them even further “uptime” to the year 21,436,000, where they meet the Collectors, the very entities who sent the Obelisk in the first place in order to create a nature preserve out of extinct species from all over time and space. The TIA sabotages the Collectors’ zoo, but in doing so erases its own timeline so they no longer exist. With the Obelisk neutralised, the DTI agents return to their own time, but not before a passionate kiss between Ranjea and Noi.



Days have passed since Demeter was captured by the Children of the Storm, and Cmdr O’Donnell has done nothing but research. He thinks the Children are beautiful, but XO Fife only sees them as destructive. Demeter’s aeroponics bays are overflowing, the plants growing at insane rates – the Children are practically dancing with joy in response. O’Donnell decides to keep them happy by having the crew constantly replant more seeds, which only infuriates Fife more – O’Donnell is wasting Demeter’s resources to appease an enemy. But without any telepaths on board, they have no other way to communicate with them. On Quirinal, Lasren uses his Betazoid senses to commune with the entities, while Cambridge ponders – if these things are “children”, where are their parents? Eden gives B’Elanna four weeks to get Quirinal back in space, even if it means working with Achilles’ seemingly sexist Cmdr Drafar. Back on Demeter, Fife raises the prospect of relieving O’Donnell of command...

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