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TNG 18x03 - “KINDRED”


Enterprise fights off Ferengi scavengers at the Azure Nebula alongside the SCE ship T’Pora, which is carrying Sylix – father of Enterprise contact specialist T’Ryssa Chen. Sylix was badly injured in the Borg attack on Vulcan, and wonders what happened to T’Ryssa’s human mother. T’Ryssa has never known her father and has no interest in reconnecting now. She distracts herself by helping in engineering and indulging in a mutual practical joke war against science officer Dina Elfiki, which only annoys assistant chief engineer Taurik. He has been working himself to exhaustion, refusing to take leave. T’Ryssa learns that Taurik’s wife and child died on Vulcan, helping her to realise the grief he must be going through, and they begin to bond. When T’Ryssa learns that her mother also died in the attacks, she contacts her father Sylix again, informing him. She also leaves open the possibility of them speaking again in future. 


TTN 2x03 - “TIME OUT”


While an away team goes undercover exploring the pre-warp world Lumbu, the rest of Titan follows up on the Da Vinci’s previous visit to Elysia (SCE “Where Time Stands Still”), a pocket dimension where time barely moves. They meet the crews of many ships trapped there over the centuries, but these “prisoners” have created a peaceful society and feel no need to leave it. Titan’s crew admire the same multicultural cooperation to which they themselves aspire. DTI trainee Garcia bonds with chief engineer Ra-Havreii as they explore the history of starship design. He hits on her, but she politely turns him down. Instead Garcia tries to seduce Ranjea, but he politely turns her down. All this perturbs science officer Pazlar, who thought she and Ra-Havreii were a couple. Pazlar discovers there are no special temporal effects here, but actions require less energy, causing slower aging and faster healing. Could this be turned into a practical benefit for the post-invasion Federation?




On Earth, Seven’s aunt Irene is dying. They visit Janeway’s memorial in Presidio Park, but Irene wavers between offering Seven sympathy, and having no clue who Janeway even is. Seven is constantly distracted by nightmares of the Caeliar cityship, and the voice in her head insisting “Your name is Annika”. When Chakotay arrives, she rejects his help, angry that he has not been around for months. She grudgingly admits that the Caeliar transformation (DES “Welcome Home”) left her in this state – for a moment, she was part of a collective again, the Caeliar gestalt, only for it all to be ripped away, leaving her feeling more alone than ever. She has not told anyone of her condition because Starfleet is paranoid about the Caeliar and would want to examine her. When aunt Irene finally dies, Seven suffers a complete breakdown, becoming catatonic. Calling in Cadet Icheb for help, Chakotay prepares to conduct a vision quest...

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