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“They’ll come,” N’Vel said firmly, never taking eyes off the small viewscreen. She was aware that she was sounding increasingly delusional, but she didn’t care. I’m an Admiral. I’m entitled to sound delusional, she thought.

“Perhaps, Admiral,” S’Tonn said carefully, “But it has been nearly a solar day and we have seen no sign of them.”

“They need to plan an attack strategy,” N’Vel answered. “We’re presented them with a daunting target. They can’t simply rush in an hammer it with fire.”

“Perhaps we created too daunting a target,” S’Tonn suggested as he peered over the shoulder of his sub-lieutenant and checked his console, and then nodded slightly to himself, satisfied with whatever he saw there.

“I think not. This commander is a bold one in tactics and reckless in strategy. He or she will not be able to resist what we’ve offered them.” She considered the image on the screen, the small, chunky moon was barely the size of her fist on the projection, but that could not be helped. There was little cover in this system, and so the Starglider took up a position on the system’s edge, powered down and hanging in space like a dark smudge. They didn’t dare increase their sensors or get any closer.

“Perhaps our adversary has more prudence than you give them credit for,” S’Tonn said.

“Prudence is not a word often associated with the Klingon Empire, S’Tonn. They will come.”

“Admiral, if I may, the council is convening this evening. If you are not present, the Tal Shiar’s hold”“

And then a sensor rang out.

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