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Story Notes: This is the first drabble I'd ever written, and to this day I still feel that this is probably the best Star Trek fanfic I've written.

Shameless self promotion: Go read my other fic, Star Trek: Line of Succession! I've made massive edits to it in order to make it a bit more bearable to read!

Data stood up as the night shift ended. It was quite early in the morning. He took note of the Earth date… February 2nd, 2370. It was the 32nd anniversary of his activation by the crew of the Tripoli… his “birthday.” Not that it mattered. No one had ever done anything to commemorate it. He didn’t mind.

He left the bridge as the next shift arrived, heading for his quarters. Perhaps he’d paint or listen to music until he was needed. Maybe activate a dream program and “sleep.”

The door whooshed open... he nearly jumped.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” his friends shouted.

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