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Chapter Notes:

The captain of the U.S.S. Challenger asks for help from the Ground Operations Department of the U.S.S. Hunter...

Star Trek Hunter
Episode 3: Breakfast Serial
Scene 3: Captain Summers

Captain Summers

Lt. T’Lok Smith, 2nd Lt. Tauk, and Investigators Lynhart Shran and Buttans Ngumbo were seated in the captain’s office across the room from Justice Minerva Irons, who sat primly at her desk, her right arm still in a sling. Everyone’s attention was focused on a large viewer on the rear wall. A bearded Star Fleet captain in a red uniform dominated the screen. “Captain Irons,” he was saying, “you might not remember me, but I served on the Intrepid when you were the captain of that vessel. I was just an ensign. Seeing you in command of a Star Fleet vessel again is like a trip back through time. It must have been almost 30 years ago and you haven’t aged a day.”

“If only that were true, Captain Summers," Irons replied. "Unfortunately, it’s the changes on the inside that really take their toll. I do remember a mischievous, bearded young ensign… you wear your years well, Captain. I understand you have ordered your ship stopped and have delayed your visit to Starbase Eleven.”

“I have quarantined the Challenger, Captain," said the captain of the U.S.S. Challenger. "We had what appeared to be a murder/suicide this morning. But when I reported it to Star Fleet it appears what we’re dealing with is a serial killer. I don’t want to risk your investigators coming aboard, but we don’t have experienced detectives on our crew. I understand your investigative team is exceptional. I would like to have my first officer, Commander Lashonda Williams, coordinate with your team to investigate. The killer must still be on board. I know every person on this crew and since we have been on patrol near the Beta Quadrant, well outside Federation territory, there is no way any of them could have been involved in the other murders.”

“We will help however we can," said Irons. "T’Lok?”

T’Lok smiled, provoking a look of genuine surprise from Captain Summers - he had probably never seen a smiling vulcan before. “Lieutenant Tauk heads my investigations team." She turned to address her assistant director. “Tauk - I will want daily briefings and you are to contact me immediately if you feel it is needed. Since you can’t board the Challenger, you can work from the Ground Ops Center.”

Justice Irons spoke up. “We can do better than that. I will have my old office at the resort cleared out and your team can set up shop there.”

2nd Lt. Tauk stood up. “Captain Summers - thank you for reaching out for my team. We will be very happy to have you in our debt.” The little ferengi wore a mischievous grin.

Summers laughed, then said, “Rule of Acquisition 111… Treat people in your debt like family; exploit them..”

“I heard you have had extensive dealings with my people,” Tauk said.

“There is a certain honor and directness about the ferengi I have come to admire, Lieutenant. I’m sure you’re the right man for the job.”


Chapter End Notes:

Character:                        Captain DeForest Summers (Forest)
Human Ethnicity:              English American
Additional Species:          NA
Hometown/Homeworld:   Nashville, Tennesee, Earth
Introduced: Episode         3.3
Age when introduced:      49
Role:                                 Captain, U.S.S. Challenger

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