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Chapter Notes:

Investigator Buttans follows up by destroying the jamming device, making it possible for Ensign Sun to beam him and the rest of the away team into the wagon. 2nd Lt. Gamor and Flight Specialist Salazaar are taking down the dampening generators around the courthouse...

Star Trek Hunter
Episode 2: The Colony of New Hope
Scene 10: Rescue


2nd Lt. Gaia Gamor was piloting the tactical unit. Flight Specialist Winnifred Salazaar sat next to her, focusing pinpoint phaser fire on the dampening emitters throughout the prison complex. Dampening emitters were easy to identify - and therefore easy to destroy. The jamming equipment that was preventing communications and transporter lock would be much harder to find from up here.

Salazaar had a bit of a Puerto Rican accent - and a bit of New York. Part betazoid, he had a tendency to answer Lt. Gamor's thoughts as often as anything she actually said. "Dewayne will be fine, sir."

Gamor had long ago decided that this wasn't creepy - at least intellectually. "How are you doing with those emitters?" She made a minor flight adjustment and checked the positions of the interceptors. Both were hovering below the tactical unit and had taken up stations to support the wagon while avoiding getting between the tactical unit and the courthouse/prison complex.

"I estimate four minutes until they are all down," Salazaar responded.

Lt. Gamor unconsciously looked up when she called to the Hunter, "Hunter Ops, this is the Tactical Unit."

"Tactical Unit go ahead," came Lt. Tauk's boyish voice from the Hunter platform in orbit, far above.

"We should have the dampening emitters down within four minutes. Requesting permission to send the interceptors down to provide ground support."

There was a brief pause. Salazaar looked over at Gamor and raised his eyebrows.

"Verified on the emitters," came the young ferengi's voice. "Be advised to keep the tactical unit in the upper atmosphere. All units be advised - Flight Specialists Dih and Chin break and support the wagon. Shoot at anything that shoots at the wagon, but low power and pinpoint. Keep an eye on our ground team. No fatalities." Tauk was clearly nervous.

Investigator Buttans' voice suddenly broke through the clutter noise from the ground - "Emergency beamout! Emergency b..." the sounds of disruptor fire and cardassian band rifles cut out along with Buttans' voice. Ensign Sun's calm voice cut through.

"This is Ensign Sun. I have him. Retrieving the ground team now."

Tauk was back on line. "Mr. Guth, get the wagon out of there. The dampening fields around the courthouse are almost down. Prepare to retarget. Buttans - report."

Investigator Buttans came back into the conversation, "I located.. and took... took down the jammer.." his voice was unstable.

Lt. T'Lok Smith's voice cut through. "Buttans is wounded. Medical - prepare to receive him directly. Ensign Sun, please send him up now. Tauk - are you running this operation?"

"Under orders from Lieutenant Dolphin," Tauk responded.

Lt. Smith was clearly excited and exhausted at the same time. She paced around the flight booth of the wagon. Ensign Sun Ho Hui had beamed her entire team directly into the operations staging area in the aft of the wagon. She had come forward to the flight booth to check on Buttans and ask Sun to beam Buttans directly to the medical bay in the Hunter platform in orbit. "Well done, Tauk. Continue to direct air support. Let me know when we can retrieve the command staff from the courthouse."

Tauk's voice was clearly relieved, "Thank you T'Lok - about three minutes - I'm really glad you're back, boss."

T'Lok Smith laughed lightly, then said, "You should spend less time around Investigator Shran. You're picking up his bad habits.."

"Hey!" came Shran's gravelly voice.


Chapter End Notes:

Character:                         Flight Specialist Winnifried Salazaar (Winnie)
Human Ethnicity:              Puerto Rican
Additional Species:           Betazoid
Hometown/Homeworld:    New York City, New York, Earth
Introduced: Episode          2.10
Age when introduced:       24
Role:                                 Pilot, U.S.S. Hunter

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