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Chapter Notes:

Commander David Pepper awakens folowing a severe beating in a room with three dead bodies...

Star Trek Hunter
Episode 2: The Colony of New Hope
Scene 7: Pepper Revival

Pepper Revival

Every part of Commander David Pepper's body ached. He sat up and groaned. Even the largest man could be brought down by a phaser on stun and Pep had been stunned by several phasers. Repeatedly. Pep's head was pounding and his body was covered with deep bruises. Evidently these people had kept stunning him well after he had lost consciousness and left him here for dead. He got to his feet, rolled his head, stretched and tried to shake the beating off. It would have killed any other man he had met - even a klingon would have been unlikely to survive such a beating.

There were three other men lying on the floor - also victims of being repeatedly stunned by prison phasers. Pep had agreed to meet with local prosecutors and Governor Ivonovic's defense team to work out a few deals on the local charges. Pep had awakened in tremendous pain. The Virtue City Prosecutors had not been not so fortunate.

This room had a single door. Pep tried it. It was locked. But it really wasn't much of a door - medium-grade plastic. Pep set his ear to it. Nothing. He kicked the door and shattered it. He pushed through what was left of the door into a hallway. Windows along one wall - doors along the other. Pep recognized this hallway from the schematics of the building. On the other side of those doors were rooms like the one he had awakened in. The hallway that led to the courtroom was on the other side of those rooms - but none of them had doors that opened into that hallway. And there was no quick way to get back to that other hallway.

Pep walked from room to room, opening doors, looking for a passageway into the other hallway. Stone walls. Old stone walls with crumbling masonry. On the other side of that wall he could hear a distant noise - men screaming and possibly running.

Pep selected a room that appeared to have a much weakened wall on the other side. He crossed the room at a dead run, not slowing as he crashed into the wall. The wall exploded outward into the hall on the other side - creating a hole big enough for Pep to crush through - sending still more stone and crumbling masonry into the hall. The far end of the hall was full of activity - men spilling out of a room. The planetary governor, flanked by his lawyers, was running toward Pep. They were much closer to him than the rest of the chaos in the hall. They came to a stop as soon as they realized there was no getting around the giant filling the hall.

Pep launched toward them into a full run. The governor's lawyers were both clearly not trained body guards. They scrambled all over each other and their client trying to get away from the giant officer hurtling toward them, making the governor's escape impossible in the process. Pep crashed into all three of them, landing on top of them. He stood up, lifting the governor and expertly turning him until he had the governor pinned against a wall, holding the man's wrists behind his back with one enormous hand. He turned to glare at the lawyers: "GET!"

The two men in dark suits lost no time - but they weren't running back toward the courtroom. Both squeezed past Pep, then raced away. Evidently they were even more afraid of whatever it was that the other men at the end of the hall were fleeing from in that courtroom. Pep had no doubt what that was.

Pep propelled the governor into the hole he had made in the wall and followed him through. "Sit!" There wasn't a chair, but there was a table. Pep lifted the governor and deposited him on the table. "It appears you have lost your representation, governor.. At this moment, I am probably the best friend you have. So don't piss me off." Pep leaned against the wall between the desk and the door, recovering his strength, waiting for the commotion in the hall to settle down.

Planetary Governor Emory Ivonovic was a fairly big man himself, but even though he was in good shape, he was too old to try to fight the abomination that had captured him. He had seen this giant being repeatedly hammered with prolonged phaser fire - set on stun because that was the only setting available on prison phasers. It should have killed the giant. He certainly shouldn't have been able to recover enough in less than an hour to barge through a stone wall.

The governor could not keep the disgust from his face. Normally he was fairly adept at hiding his emotions - a critical skill for a politician - but not after a disaster like today. He was still hopeful for a rescue - this was his home base. Multiple dampening fields would prevent Star Fleet from beaming him out from anywhere other than the secure transporter pad and there were enough armed guards in that part of the facility to stop even this giant and whatever that little beast was that had just turned the courtroom into a meat grinder.

Suddenly everything turned a hissing pinkish orange. Ivonovic felt sick - like he needed to throw up. "I think I'm having a stroke," he moaned and bent over.

Pep's voice was level, but it was clear he was also in pain. "Phaser - wide beam - very low energy.." he managed. The grim, hissing light finally swept on.

"What was that about?" Ivonovic was genuinely curious.

"Counter-insurgency tactics," Pep responded. He rolled his head, and stretched his arms - vague popping noises from enormous joints. "You're running dampening fields. We use a broad, low power beam and look for dark spots to tell us where the dampening emitters are. Now we'll be feeding a focused low energy beam directly into those emitters. The emitters will soak that energy up until the generators explode. Most generators make a lot of noise when you feed them too much juice - which should give anyone nearby a chance to get away before they blow."

"How about you hand me that phaser," Pep added, an enormous hand open just in front of the governor. Ivonovic thought briefly about how futile any attempt to use a prison phaser against this giant would be. He removed the phaser from his coat pocket and dropped it into Pep's hand. The commander deposited the prison weapon in a cargo pocket on the right side of his uniform.

"Good move." Pep was starting to sound a little more like his usual cheerful self. "Okay - now - it sounds like things have settled down. Back through the wall.

Ivonovic could not see any reason to not comply, but as soon as Pep followed him through the large hole the giant had punched through the wall, he turned the governor back toward the courtroom." 

"I am NOT going back into that room! Not as long as that.. thing is in there," the governor said.

"That thing is Lieutenant Commander Mlady - she's the sweetest person you will ever meet. Until you back her into a corner." Ivonovic looked incredulously at the commander. "Or if she gets really hungry.." Pep continued.

The governor's eyes widened.

Pep landed an enormous hand on the governor's shoulder, turning him firmly toward the courtroom again and gestured with his other hand.


Chapter End Notes:

The character Commander David Pepper (Pep) was inspired by a movie promotional poster I saw once with Arnold Swarznegger, completely dwarfed by Andre the Giant, who was, in turn, completely dwarfed by Karem Abdul-Jabbar. At 7'2 and close to 350 pounds of lean muscle, Karem at the height of his athletic career would have been perfect for the role of Pep. Pep's personality is more inspired by Michael Jordan - warm, friendly, charismatic, but extremely competitive.

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