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Chapter Notes:

The U.S.S. Hunter's crew includes two civilian detectives - contracted to Star Fleet - and they have a suspect to pursue...

Star Trek Hunter
Episode 2: The Colony of New Hope
Scene 3: Pursuit


Investigator Buttans Ngumbo was no longer certain whether he was pursuing a suspect or being pursued - probably both. His elderly partner, Investigator Shran had spotted cardassian disruptor rifles among the protesting Iconoclasts - lots of them. All it took was one rock thrown by an instigator from behind the police line and the entire street went up. Buttans had taken off after the rock thrower - hoping to find out who was so invested in inciting the violence. The rock thrower was fast. Buttans was faster, but he had to keep stopping to re-acquire his target - the instigator was evidently a local who knew the area well.

The neighborhoods around the prison had a bombed-out look not unlike some of the unrecovered parts of Buttans' native Bajor. But that had been the legacy of the Cardassian Occupation. These people had done this damage to themselves. And they were human - the Colony of New Hope, located on a far-flung boundary of the Federation, was one of the earliest human colonies and from its inception had included a large faction of Earth Firsters - a group initially opposed to the close relationship between humans, vulcans and andorians that had served as the foundation for the Federation. Gradually, this movement morphed into the Iconoclasts - not opposed to the Federation, but bitterly opposed to the artistic trappings of Federation offices and, more importantly, Federation imposed limits on the autonomy of homeworld rule. The Naturalborn were the natural outgrowth of the Earth First movement and among the various Naturalborn factions were some rather violent separatists.

Buttans Ngumbo had spent part of his childhood in Africa, home to the cleanest, most modern cities on Earth, or anywhere in the Federation. Human cities were not supposed to be deteriorated and bombed out like this one was.

Buttans turned a corner, following the runner and suddenly realized he had been led into a trap. As his suspect ducked into a building, two others he could barely see opened up with disrupters from behind a rusted metal barricade. Buttans threw himself to the ground and drew his phaser. At almost that moment phaser fire from directly behind him quickly and extremely accurately took out each of the two fighters behind the barricade and picked another from the roof of one of the buildings. Three pin-point shots.

Investigator Lynhart Shran sagged momentarily against the corner of a building, breathing hard and clutching his side. His large antennae were extremely active. "Get up, Ngumbo. I told you not to chase that rat." Shran suddenly fixed his attention toward the barricade - his antennae turning quickly to follow his gaze - his phaser came up quickly and he let off another shot, knocking down another person behind the barricade.

Buttans scrambled to his feet. Young, tall and lean, he was built like a runner. He was a bit taller than average for a bajoran and far darker - an inheritance from his Maasai ancestors. Buttans and Shran did not wear uniforms - they were civilian investigators attached to Star Fleet. Buttans wore a dark suit with a light blue shirt. 

Shran was several decades older than his partner - half human and half andorian - an older man with a bit of a gut, wearing jeans, a gray shirt, a voluminous leathery overcoat and very highly polished shoes. Except for his almost obscenely large antennae, he looked entirely human - the product of a large Jewish American family. Even his antennae were the wrong color for an andorian and somehow seemed to have something of the Bronx about them in the way they matched his head movements and sardonic expressions.

"The girls are pinned down. Get back there and give them a way out - and use your brain this time - don't get caught in there with them. I think I saw a dampening generator - if they get that up and running we're in big trouble. See if you can find it and disable it - they'll put it up high somewhere." Shran cuffed his young partner lightly on the side of his head as Buttans headed off at a jog back toward the prison.

"Boss," Shran said, his antennae pointing upward as he turned about, scanning the area. The communicator implanted in Shran's chest discerned which boss Shran was addressing (he had a tendency to refer to all officers as "Boss") and directed his voice up to the ground operations center on the Hunter, in orbit.

Lieutenant Tauk was alone in the cramped ground operations center. A tiny, young and very pale ferengi, he seemed perfectly fitted to the scale of the room. "Go ahead, Shran." Tauk's voice seemed almost that of an adolescent.

"We need air support down here, boss," came Shran's gravelly voice. "I had to step outside the jamming zone just to get through. T'Lok and the tactical team are pinned down about a klick north of the prison. Tell the pilots to look out for dampening fields. If they can jam our communicators, they might be able to jam out everything. I'm headed back in to provide support."

'You'll have it. Anything else?" Tauk was already headed toward the door at the front of the ground operations center.

"They were expecting us, boss. It's going to take brute force to rescue the command staff. Better bring the wagon."

"Copy that," Tauk responded as he exited the room, headed for the bridge.


Chapter End Notes:

Character:                      Investigator Buttans Ngumbo (Ngumbo)
Human Ethnicity:            Maasai
Additional Species:          Bajoran
Hometown/Homeworld:   Hathan, Bajor
Introduced: Episode         2.3
Age when introduced:      28
Role:                              Civilian Investigator contracted to the U.S.S. Hunter

Character:                      Investigator Lynhart Shran (Lenny)
Human Ethnicity:             Jewish American
Additional Species:           Andorian
Hometown/Homeworld:    New York City, New York, Earth
Introduced: Episode         2.3
Age when introduced:      68
Role:                              Civilian Investigator contracted to the U.S.S. Hunter

Character:                      2nd Lieutenant Tauk (Tauk)
Human Ethnicity:             N/A
Additional Species:          Ferengi
Hometown/Homeworld:   Dos, Ferenginar
Introduced: Episode        2.3
Age when introduced:     23
Role:                             Assistant Director of Ground Operations, U.S.S. Hunter

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