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Chapter Notes:

With the U.S.S. Hunter traveling at unprecidented speed, Lt. Dolphin and Ensign T'Lon regain consciousness..

Star Trek Hunter
Episode 4: Run To Earth

Scene 10: Awakening



By the time Justice Minerva Irons and Dr. Tali Shae arrived at the wagon, China Irons had removed the sling that had held Ensign T’Lon’s fingers to Lt. Kenneth Dolphin’s temple and the two had both fallen into a normal sleep, clearly exhausted, no longer in telepathic contact. Investigator Lynhart Shran arrived only a moment later.

“So it’s true,” the old investigator said.

Dr. Shae was using a tricorder to verify that Dolphin and T’Lon were stable.

“It’s time to wake Tauk up,” Shran said.

“We’re out of range of the Breakfast Killer?” Irons asked.

“BK#2,” Shran said. “I have Buttans on deck 5 looking at the evidence from the attack. I’ve been going over the telemetry with Dewayne Guth. That young man has seen a thing or two. By the time you get my boss out of deep freeze, we should have something for you. It’s just a hunch at the moment, but I think I know what that attack was about.”

Irons turned toward the old investigator. “Could it have anything to do with our, well, as you say, BK#2?”

“We’re alive,” Shran said. “So, all things considered, my opinion would be, no.” Shran’s antennae turned toward Dr. Shae, then his attention followed. “Doc, think I can be there when you wake the kid up? He’s probably going to be a little sore with all of us.”

Dr. Tali Shae looked at Irons. “Minerva?”

“Wake him up, Tali.” Minerva Irons responded. “And tell him he is in charge of Ground Operations for now.” She turned and looked at Dolphin and T’Lon. “I’m glad they’re sleeping. I don’t want the first thing they hear to be my announcement about T’Lok.”

China and Shran both turned toward her. 

“She died in the attack,” Irons said. “Don’t tell anyone - I will make the announcement in a few moments. I just need to put some words to it. This,” she gestured toward Dolphin and T’Lon, “this is very good news.”


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