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Chapter Notes:

The U.S.S. Hunter's Medical Department swings into action dealing with the casualties.

Star Trek Hunter
Episode 4: Run To Earth

Scene 7: Triage





Dr. Jazz Sam Sinder started surgery immediately on one of the victims, then turned that surgery over to Dr. Chrissiana Trei - aside from explosive decompression disorder, this victim had a few broken bones and several deep wounds. She needed blood, bone repair and skin regeneration. Dr. Trei could handle that. 


Dr. Raj, the Emergency Medical Hologram, had completed the triage. Two of the victims had experienced decompression, but nothing else as they had not been ejected. Dr. Raj could handle their treatment. 


Dr. Jazz wrinkled his nose - which, considering he was fully bajoran, created an almost comic accordion effect. This victim had far more extensive injuries and needed a significant amount of blood immediately. Using the victim’s transporter files, Dr. Jazz synthesized three liters of her blood for immediate use. Synthetic blood was useful, but could cause organ damage if too much remained in the system after a few days. There were drugs that could enhance her natural blood production and help metabolize the synthetic blood out - he only hoped she would be healthy enough for that treatment. For the moment, he needed to re-attach her hand, which had been beamed in along with her and placed in a stasis field.


Dr. Tali Shae was the next to enter the operating room. She looked at the fifth patient - a sheet draped over the entire table. Dr. Raj responded to Dr. Shae’s glance by slowly shaking his holographic head.  Dr. Shae walked around, checking the treatment of each victim, then stepped in to assist Dr. Jazz. She stepped back as Dr. Sif, one of her forensic specialists, entered, allowing the young trill to take over providing assistance for Dr. Jazz.


With a deep sense of foreboding, Dr. Tali Shae approached the fifth table and lifted the sheet. She bit her lip, grimacing, deliberately hiding her face from the rest of her staff. She took a deep breath, then asked “Do any of you need assistance?”


None of the doctors answered. Dr. Raj, the EMH, noticing that an answer was needed, reported: “Two patients are stabilized, the other two are receiving appropriate treatment.”


Dr. Shae responded, “I am removing the fatality for forensic examination.” She used the Medical bay transporter system to move the lifeless form from the table in the main surgery to the front surgery and walked to the front surgery.


Only once she was out of sight of her staff did Dr. Tali Shae allow herself to shake. She took a deep, shuddering breath, then turned back to the table, removed the sheet and did her job.



Chapter End Notes:

Character:                      2nd Lieutenant Jazz Sam Sinder (Sam)
Human Ethnicity:           N/A
Additional Species:        Bajoran
Hometown/Homeworld:  Ilvia, Bajor
Introduced: Episode       4.7
Age when introduced:    37
Role:                               Assistant Medical Director, U.S.S. Hunter

Character:                      Dr. Raj (EMH)
Human Ethnicity:            Indian (Hologram)
Additional Species:         N/A
Hometown/Homeworld:  New Eden, Mars
Introduced: Episode       4.7
Age when introduced:    2
Role:                               Emergency Medical Hologram, U.S.S. Hunter

Character:                      Midshipman Sif (Sif)
Human Ethnicity:           N/A
Additional Species:        Trill
Hometown/Homeworld: Numinor, Cun Ling
Introduced: Episode       4.7
Age when introduced:    31
Role:                               Medical Forenic Investigator, U.S.S. Hunter

Character:                      Ensign Chrissiana Trei (Chrissiana)
Human Ethnicity:           N/A
Additional Species:        Trill
Hometown/Homeworld: Horizon, Trillus Prime
Introduced: Episode       4.7
Age when introduced:    34
Role:                               Medical Doctor, U.S.S. Hunter

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