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Chapter Notes:

Lt. Lezra Thune receives a surprise from her husband over breakfast...

Star Trek Hunter
Episode 3: Breakfast Serial
Scene 1: Breakfast on the U.S.S. Challenger

Breakfast on the U.S.S. Challenger

Lezra Thune had gotten up just to have breakfast with her husband. They were assigned to different shifts this month and this was his shift. She tossed her hair up in a bun, revealing the subtle spots running down the sides of her head and neck, splitting to form two lines toward her breasts and a wider stripe of spots down her back. They were not as pronounced as those on a trill - Lezra was half trill and half human. But the spots were fascinating to her husband, which was refreshing to her. It wasn’t uncommon for her to receive disapproving glances from humans or trills - even in Star Fleet - even here on the U.S.S. Challenger - a deep space vessel where everyone knew everyone else in a crew that numbered less than 180. Mrs. Thune usually wore her hair down, which, along with her uniform, generally covered her spots.

John Thune stepped up behind his wife, wrapped his arms around her, kissing her neck. Then, as she relaxed back into him, he plunged a knife deep into her neck, severing her spine with sudden strength. He had no idea where the knife came from - he stared at it in deep confusion as his wife’s lifeless body slumped to the floor - then just as suddenly he plunged the knife again and again into his own heart - a look of blank horror on his face as he collapsed to the floor, still stabbing himself.

The Challenger’s life sensors, reading the sudden change in their lifesigns, set off the ship’s klaxons, sending the ship immediately to red alert. Within a minute the Thunes were both beamed directly to the ship’s medical bay - but it was too late for both of them. Both were damaged beyond revival - they had died almost before they had hit the deck.


Chapter End Notes:

Character:                        Lieutenant Lezra Thune (Lezra)
Human Ethnicity:              German American
Additional Species:          Trill
Hometown/Homeworld:   Duluth, Minnesota, Earth
Introduced: Episode         3.1
Age when introduced:      28
Role:                                 Surgery Team Leader, U.S.S. Challenger, Murder Victim

Character:                       Flight Engineer John Thune (John)
Human Ethnicity:             African American
Additional Species:         N/A
Hometown/Homeworld:   Eden, Cun Ling
Introduced: Episode         3.1
Age when introduced:      31
Role:                                 Flight Engineer, U.S.S. Challenger, Murder Victim

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