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Chapter Notes:

2.15 is the final segment of Chapter 2 - The Colony of New Hope.

Next up is Chapter 3 - Breakfast Serial

Star Trek Hunter
Episode 2: The Colony of New Hope

Scene 16: Ivonovic Trapped


Ivonovic Trapped

Emory Ivonovic paced in his very cramped brig cell like an impatient silver fox. The cell was designed to meet the needs of a single occupant - barely. He did not know whether the transponder embedded in his hip bone could be read from the middle of this Federation brig. At least the transponder had not been removed. An occasional, mildly painful pulse let him know it was still active. 

This day had been a disaster and in no small part thanks to the failure of his legal team. He had no idea why they had allowed that little Star Fleet hellion to slip in a charge under the Federation Charter, but he was determined they would pay for that error. His plans had been set back by years, if not scuttled entirely.

This tiny brig cell had barely room for Ivonovic to turn around. The waste receptacle was a rather rude contraption that pulled down like a seat from the wall. For some reason, the back wall appeared to be padded. On a hunch, Ivonovic backed into it and the brig’s gravity system, reading his movement, shifted the gravity so that he was now laying on it and looking up, out of the transluscent door of his cell - not a force field. This brig was desinged for very short-term transport. He doubted Star Fleet regulations would allow him to be held in this chamber for more than a few days at most. Unless they were taking him somewhere within a few days’ journey, they would have to let him out - at least for exercise.

There was no way for Ivonovic to be certain of a rescue at this moment. But his captors would need to move him through a starbase or take him to Earth to face the Tribunal. There would be opportunities. Given his connections and deep knowledge of the consortium and the leverage he was holding over them, he was fairly confident his dangerous, if somewhat unpredictable associates would want him alive and not in the hands of the Federation justice system. At least, not yet. These black-uniformed Star Fleet freaks had no idea what they were up against.

2 - The Colony of New Hope

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