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Chapter Notes:

A brief conversation between the U.S.S. Hunter's directors of ground operations and flight operations...

Star Trek Hunter
Episode 2: The Colony of New Hope
Scene 14: The Director of Ground Operations

The Director of Ground Operations

Pep and Mlady had already vanished from the hallway behind the bridge, which shared deck 8 with a large conference room, the captain's office, captain's stateroom and, at the back of the hall, flanked by turbo-lifts, the ground operations center. Lt. T'Lok Smith and Ensign T'Lon emerged from one of the lifts as Lt. Dolphin and Ensign Phillips neared the back of the hallway. Under their feet they could feel a familiar vibration as the Hunter jumped to warp speed.

"Well, look at the pretty new pilot," T'Lok said lightly. "The scenery just keeps improving on this boat." The two young vulcans were walking with arms linked. If it weren't for the vulcan features and the black Star Fleet JAG uniforms, they might have been teenage surf goddesses - tall, slim, athletic, both with long, straight auburn hair and skin bronzed by a lifetime in the sun. T'Lon's expression, while composed, almost conveyed a sense of long-suffering, while T'Lok's lighthearted smile just looked strange on a vulcan.

"Hello Ethan, Director Dolphin," T'Lok continued.

"Director Smith, Ensign T'Lon," Lt. Dolphin replied, evenly.

T'Lok smiled more broadly. "I wanted to thank you for assigning the air support operation to Tauk."

"It seemed the logical thing to do," Dolphin answered.

T'Lok rewarded the comment with a slight giggle and a dazzling smile. But it was Ensign T'Lon who responded, "Except for his lack of command experience."

Dolphin turned his attention toward T'Lon. "How else is he to obtain such experience?"

Ensign T'Lon raised an eyebrow, then gave a slight nod. 

Lt. T'Lok Smith made an amused noise, then added, "Well he seems quite taken with you, but he belongs to my department. You can't have him."

"I wasn't planning to appropriate your assistant director, Lieutenant," Dolphin responded.

"See that you don't," T'Lok responded with a look of mock seriousness, then smiled again, "Good evening gentlemen." She and T'Lon turned to enter the ground operations center.

Ethan Phillips managed to mumble something that sounded almost like "good evening."

T'Lok released T'Lon's arm and turned back just as T'Lon entered the ground ops center. "Oh, Mr. Dolphin, if you would like a drink after duty, I will be in the directors lounge."

"That would be agreeable," Dolphin heard himself say, and vaguely wondered why he was talking like a vulcan. With a mixture of amusement, admiration and chagrin he realized T'Lok had provoked him into flirting with her - a half-vulcan less than half his age - probably not much older than his oldest daughter. 

"She must be one hell of an interrogator," Dolphin mumbled to himself and was surprised to hear "Yes, she is," in answer. He had completely forgotten that Ensign Phillips was still standing next to him.

"I have to go to the shuttle bay - up?" he asked, more to cover his momentary confusion than out of need for direction.

Ethan Phillips gestured to the nearest turbo lift. "Yes sir. I'll take the other one - I'm going down to my quarters."

"Thank you. Good night Mr. Phillips."

"Good night, sir."


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