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Chapter Notes:

Ensign Sun Ho Hui and Chief Flight Specialist Dewayne Guth (rhymes with booth) take the wagon for a fly-by...

Star Trek Hunter
Episode 2: The Colony of New Hope
Scene 9: Fly By

Fly By

Chief Flight Specialist Dewayne Guth kept the wagon - a heavily armed and armored shuttle - well above the range of any portable dampening generator. He had remained at a fairly high altitude, but he was swiftly tiring of playing it safe. The heavy armor on the shuttle was designed to protect its power systems against many forms of attack, including energy dampening fields. It would take a very powerful system to create a dampening field strong enough to affect the wagon.

Guth could tell that a dampening field was in place because he was receiving no life form readings from the area the Hunter's ground operations team were last reported to be. No life signs alive or dead. He tapped the life sensor readout in irritation and almost as if in response, the device came alive, displaying a large number of people down there - along with now active phasers and disruptors. From this altitude the sensors could not distinguish humans from bajorans, but they could easily identify four cardassians, one andorian and two vulcans all in one building and surrounded. Guth looked over at Ensign Sun Ho Hui. Ensign Sun was half vulcan, part Vietnamese and a few other things as well - but he seemed to behave like a vulcan. "Did you see that, sir?"

Sun turned to favor Guth with a level gaze. "It appears the dampening field has been turned off. But communications are still jammed - to the point that I cannot obtain a transporter lock. I cannot identify Investigator Buttons either. He does not appear to be with the main group."

"Permission for a fly-by, sir," Guth said. He was itching to get closer to the ground.

Sun looked quizzically at Guth. "Where is the logic in that? They might have turned off the dampener to draw us in."

Chief Guth boggled at the young Ensign. "Very unlikely, sir. Our people don't have projectile weapons. The locals wouldn't turn that thing off unless our team were dead or captured. The scanner shows our people are together, by themselves and on the move. We could distract their enemies."

Ensign Sun raised an eyebrow, then raised the other one. "That sounds reasonable." The young vulcan unconsciously looked up. "Lieutenant Tauk," The communications system directed Sun's voice up to the tactical station on the bridge of the Hunter in orbit far above. "The dampening field near the ground operation group is off and we are now reading Lieutenant Smith and her team. We cannot beam them out. I am requesting permission for a fly-by to give Lieutenant Smith some cover to move."

The line was silent for a moment.

Tauk's voice came back, "All units be advised, the wagon is cleared for a fly-by, but only the wagon. Interceptors keep your altitude, but return fire on any position that fires on the wagon."

Guth pressed a button, and pulled the control stick out from under the wagon's pilot console. It had been stored under the console in a horizontal position. He rotated the stick 90 degrees into the upright operating position, activating the controller. "Hang on to something, sir, I'm reducing the internal inertial dampeners."

Sun Ho Hui checked his seat restraint, then gripped the arms of the chair.

Dewayne Guth gripped the stick and took the wagon plummeting down several hundred meters to buzz the building tops at high speed, creating a rush of displaced air. If he could not rescue the team, at least he could let them know help was near and give their enemies something else to worry about.


Chapter End Notes:

Character:                       Chief Flight Specialist Dewayne Guth (Dewayne)
Human Ethnicity:             African American
Additional Species:          Trill
Hometown/Homeworld:    Wakanda, Cun Ling
Introduced: Episode         2.9
Age when introduced:      37
Role:                               Pilot, U.S.S. Hunter

Character:                       Ensign Sun Ho Hui (Hui)
Human Ethnicity:             Vietnamese
Additional Species:           Vulcan, Bajoran
Hometown/Homeworld:    Hanoi, Vietnam, Earth
Introduced: Episode         2.9
Age when introduced:      23
Role:                               Team Leader, Flight Engineering, U.S.S. Hunter

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