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Chapter Notes:

Investigator Buttons Ngumbo finds the dampening generator  - and about a half-dozen fighters guarding it...

Star Trek Hunter
Episode 2: The Colony of New Hope
Scene 8: The Dampening Generator

The Dampening Generator

Investigator Buttons Ngumbo had made it up five flights of stairs past fighters who had been stunned either by his own phaser or by Investigator Shran's incredibly accurate fire from the ground. Buttons' dark skin and dark suit were damp with sweat. This was the tallest building in the area - chances were the dampening field generator Shran had seen earlier was on this roof.

Halfway up the sixth flight, Buttons suddenly found himself faced by a very surprised looking man at the top of the stairs. Buttons raised his phaser and pressed the trigger just as the man aimed a cardassian disrupter at him. Neither weapon worked.

The man at the top of the stairs hurled the useless disrupter at the young investigator and fumbled around his back for another weapon. Buttons trusted his speed - he charged up the stairs, grappled with the man, taking him off balance and sent him tumbling down the stairs - into another man who had gotten behind Buttons and was also fumbling for a rifle that was slung on his back.

Investigator Buttons burst through a door onto the roof, his useless phaser still in hand. Two men were on the roof, but they were not expecting an enemy. One was adjusting the settings on a large generator, aiming dampening field emitters. The other was firing a cardassian band rifle down toward the street below.

As Buttons raced across the roof, the man with the rifle suddenly exploded - Buttons recognized the effect of Shran's service revolver - he had seen those explosive rounds in action before. The other man was both terrified and distracted by his comrade's explosive demise - he was completely unaware of the young investigator's presence. Buttons tackled him and shoved him off the roof.

Buttons spotted a cardassian band rifle leaning against the generator. He retrieved the rifle in time to use it mow down the two men whom he had encountered in the stairwell - now emerging onto the roof in pursuit. For the moment unchallenged, Buttons briefly studied the dampening generator. This machine was too sturdy to be damaged by bullets. Fortunately, the investigator could read cardassian standard script and he managed to shut the device off.

He took a few steps back.

Bullets from a band rifle couldn't damage this dampening generator - but with the dampening field shut down, Buttons' phaser at full power was more than sufficient to permanently disable the device.

With a grim sense of satisfaction, Buttons stepped around the smoking remains of the dampening generator. "Old man - can you hear me?" The communicator embedded in his chest could now work and keyed its signal to reach out to Shran - but the signal was still jammed. There must be a separate jamming device - and that was likely located closer to ground level.

Buttons took a deep breath, stepped over the bullet ridden bodies of the men he had encountered on the stairs whom he had shot moments ago. He headed back down the stairs - phaser in one hand and cardassian band rifle in the other.


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