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Reman Heavy Military Industries Orbital Shipyards: Dark Side of Remus, Romulan Star Empire

Stardate: 54762.3

Shinzon and Vkruk stood on the pressurized observation gantry overlooking the construction dry dock. The tremendous hollow sphere of green duranium was the size of a small asteroid and had been built by the Romulan Navy during the Dominion War to construct three D'Deridex class warbirds at a time. Tens of thousands of Reman workers would beam up from the surface for twelve hour shifts building and refitting imperial ships destined for the front lines to battle against the Jem'Hadar and Cardassians. After the peace treaty was signed, the navy had stripped the satellite of most useful materials and left it to the Reman Auxiliary for upkeep of their long range patrol crafts and cruisers. It was a ludicrously large facility for such a limited number of ships. In fact, the entire Reman Imperial Auxiliary fleet could fit inside it at one time. However, in the chaos caused by the slave revolt and the disastrous attack on the Federation, even the Tal Shiar had failed to pay attention to the new project hidden by the slow rotation of Remus less than one AU away from the Romulan Senate in Ki-Baratan.

"The workers here performed a miracle," Vkruk said turning to Shinzon. "You should reward them."

"Saying you need four months to build something and then completing it in three is not a miracle," Shinzon replied. "It merely means you need to do a better job on your estimates."

"My Lord," Vkruk said. "They worked round the clock, many for double and even triple shifts while keeping the construction completely secret. All Remans believe in your vision enough to give their lives, but they at least deserve your gratitude."

Shinzon looked into his viceroy's face. It was obvious to him that Vkruk lacked confidence in the general's methods of "motivating" his followers. He placed his hand on Vkruk's shoulder armor.

"When we use this ship and its thalaron radiation to bring about the final liberation for our people, I will thank them. However, the mission is only half completed. We cannot slacken our pace for even the briefest of moments and still have hope for success. We must push forward without hesitation."

"I fear we are leaping straight into our destruction," Vkruk said shaking his head. "We already have stretched ourselves to the limit with the thalaron collector around Hobus. Now, we have this monster to conceal," he said pointing to the construction project below. "Who will care about the legacy of Praetor Shinzon if it lasts only long enough to meet disaster at the hands of the Romulan military, the Federation's Starfleet, or the Klingon Empire?" the viceroy asked pensively. "All of them could still stop us if we are discovered."

"Have faith, My Friend. We will take our rightful place as leaders of this galaxy. After all, the Romulans would not have survived the war if it weren't for our dilithium, our industries, and our soldiers."

"Shinzon," Vkruk said, "I want to believe you, but I still have doubts that we can accomplish such a massive shift in the order of things. The combined forces of nearly every slave race in the empire have been fighting for two years and still have won nothing from the government. What makes you think we can?"

"I'll show you what makes me think we can," Shinzon replied with a grin. He turned to the foreman of the engineering team, "Are you ready yet?"

"Yes, My Lord!" he shouted back from a control panel twenty meters away. "Begin power-up sequence. Prepare for switch to internal generators!" the engineer shouted to his underlings running back and forth across another series of smaller gantries below. The half dozen workers pressed buttons on computer consoles, pulled levers, and manipulated a series of control boxes.

Alarms echoed through the entire cavernous space as an auditory warning played on the overhead speakers:


A tangled mess of umblical lines and anti-grav scaffolding slowly peeled away to reveal the behemoth hovering below. From the tip of its blunt nose to its stern impulse engines, it was almost a kilometer long. It's downward swept swings were 1,350 meters from tip to tip. Its hull bristled with fifty-two pulse disruptor canons, twenty-seven torpedo bays, four redundant shield generators, and enough armor to withstand a broadside from even a mighty Pershing class. Even more remarkable was that Shizon's ultimate challenge to his designers had been met. This ship could fire while cloaked. This would allow it to engage an entire enemy fleet while remaining undetected. It was a technological miracle that would change the entire dynamic of the galaxy once she headed for the stars, and that moment was fast approaching.

A gentle rumble vibrated the deck beneath their feet as the new flagship breathed her first life under her own power. Vkruk wondered if he was wrong about Shinzon's determination. After all, no madman could will this amazing weapon of liberty into reality. No madman could bring all the complex pieces of their plan together across hundreds of lightyears with such skill. No madman could convince so many people to follow him to a new and better future for all Remans.

"It has taken decades of effort," Shinzon said grinning from ear to ear, "but that is what gives me unquestioning faith we will succeed."

"She is glorious," Vkruk replied still shaking his head with disbelief.

"All hail the Scimitar:" Shinzon said throwing back his shoulders, "destroyer of worlds."

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