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Munich, Germany: Earth

Later that evening, Annabeth sat in a rocking chair in Max's nursery. She held her son in her arms as she opened a picture book. After a long day, she just wanted a loving moment with her child.

"Are you ready for a story before bed time?" she cooed. Max bounced up and down and sucked on his pacifier. Annabeth laughed as he wiggled in his blue pajamas. She tussled his brown hair and then kissed the crown of his head.

"Ok," Annabeth said opening the brightly colored book.

"Bobby the Bunny's Space Trip by Dorothy Stevens," Annabeth read before turning to the first page. "Bobby the Bunny is from Earth, just like you," she read before pointing to the picture of a smiling cartoon rabbit. "But Bobby the Bunny wanted to visit his friends on other planets, so he built a starship in his backyard." Annabeth pointed to an image of Bobby the Bunny filling a homemade warp core with anti-matter. "That's probably not very safe, but ok…" Annabeth muttered to herself before pointing to the picture on the page. "Do you see how he put on a space suit? Look his helmet has floppy ears!" Annabeth said with a smile.

Max reached out his hands and touched the picture.

"Yeah!" Annabeth said lovingly before turning the page again. "First, Bobby the Bunny visited his friend, Sobal the Sehlet, on Vulcan. 'Peace and Long Life, Bobby the Bunny,' Sobal the Sehlet said to Bobby." Annabeth said in deep, unemotional voice before turning the page. "Next, Bobby the Bunny visited his friend, Athib the Alicorne, on Andoria. 'Greetings to you and your ancestors, Bobby the Bunny,' Athib the Alicorne said to Bobby." Annabeth said doing her best impression of Mr. Scharr. "See the ice, Max? It's very cold on Andoria, and the people are just as frigid," she said with a chuckle. Max shifted again and she bounced him on her knee as she turned the page. "Then, Bobby the Bunny visited his friend, Gallem the Gorbus, on Tellar Prime. 'Welcome and Friendship' Gallem the Gorbus said to Bobby the Bunny…" Annabeth said adding a Tellarite snort. Max laughed and buried his head into her chest. She smiled again.

Out in the kitchen, Alex was finishing putting the dishes into the replicator when the doorbell rang. She looked out over the counter.

"It's a little late…" she thought to herself as she walked up to the front door. She checked the security monitor. It was a Federation Parcel Service delivery man. Nervously, she opened the door. "Yes?" she asked.

"Good evening, Ma'am," he said with a smile. "Does Max Hunter-Geist live here?" Alex looked at him quizzically.

"Technically yes," she replied. "He's my son. He's not even one year old yet."

"Oh," he said pulling out his manifest PADD. "You'll have to sign for him then. It's a priority express shipment." He handed a large cardboard envelope to Alex. "Please sign here," he said holding up the PADD. Alex furrowed her brow as she touched her thumbprint to the screen. "You must have some interesting friends," he muttered with a chuckle.

"What makes you say that?" she asked defensively.

"Well," he said pointing to the customs sticker on the envelope. "It's not very often I deliver packages from Qo'noS. Have a good evening, Ma'am!" he said heading back towards the stairwell. She looked down and saw that the label was in Klingon. She immediately walked straight back into Max's nursery.

"Who was that, Babe?" Annabeth asked still holding Max in her lap.

"It was a delivery guy. Max got a package," she said holding up the envelope. "It's from Qo'noS."

Annabeth's eyes grew wide.

"I guess we should open it…" Annabeth said. Alex ripped it open. "What is it?" Annabeth asked as Alex reached inside and pulled out a book.

"It's just an old, worn-out kid's book…" Alex said confused.

"A kid's book?" Annabeth replied surprised. "Let me see it." Alex handed it to her.

"Klingons for Kids…" Annabeth whispered.

"There's a note," Alex said pulling a piece of folded paper out of the envelope.

"Read it please, Babe," Annabeth asked softly.

"nuqneH, Little Warrior," Alex began, "Glory and honor to you on this, the 122nd Day of Unity of the Klingon Empire." She paused. "It's just signed, 'Your Godfather.' Beth, do you know what this is about?"

Annabeth nodded.

"It's something very important to Dan," she said running her hand over the faded cover. Max reached out and touched the cartoon warrior scowling with a bat'leth in his hand. "If he couldn't be here in person to share what this day means to him with Max, he wanted to send something to do it for him."

"I still don't understand, Beth," Alex said shaking her head.

"I don't think we have to," Annabeth replied. "We just have to do what's right…" she whispered. "Well, Kleiner Mann," Annabeth said with a smile turning to her son, "I think we have time for one more book before bed."

She opened it to the first page and began to read while Alex looked on:

"Klingons come from the Planet Qo'noS. It is across the galaxy very far away. Klingons are strong and brave. They fight for their empire, their families, and their honor…"

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