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Jahandra Agricultural Reeducation Center: Jahandra II, Romulan Star Empire

Stardate: 54516.1

Dozens of acres of steaming paddies baked in the binary suns. Row after row of forlorn souls stood up to their knees in brackish, parasite-infected water as they shoved Rokat root bulbs into the soil for harvest later in the year. Jahandra was home to the most undesirable of the Star Empire's population. Slaves sold by their masters to the state to settle debts, dissidents not important enough to receive special treatment from the Tal Shiar, and even a few hundred Cardassian prisoners of war forgotten by their government after the end of hostilities three years before.

Every morning before dawn, the prisoners would filter out of their dilapidated reed and palm-frond barracks buildings only to toil until after the tropical suns had set. Their only entertainment was pro-Romulan propaganda blared from a series of rusting speakers across the compound. Despite being labeled a "re-education center," reform was the last thing on the prison guards' minds. People came to Jahandra to die, and the Romulans obliged them every day.

Despite a prison population in the thousands, only around 100 Romulan reservists watched over the camp at any one time. There was no need for any more guards. Jahandra was lightyears from the nearest habitable planet. Its jungles were filled with venomous snakes, dangerous predators, and diseases that could kill a full grown humanoid in a matter of days. Still, some tried to escape: either driven mad by the heat and hard-labor or simply by simply deciding that a quick death by disruptor was preferable to years of slow decay.

Every two hundred meters around the Rokat paddies, a bamboo framed guard tower rose into the air. Each was manned by guards of limited intelligence, but relatively good marksmanship skill. It was all that was necessary to ensure Jahandra retained its "escape-proof" reputation.

On this particular morning, two Romulan guards stood watch in the north tower. They smoked hand-rolled cigarettes and ogled a crumpled magazine of Ferengi-produced pornography.

"I'd like to get her tentacles between my thighs," the first guard muttered while taking in the view of a naked Trakelek woman sprawled over a gaudy, velvet bedspread.

"Too many feathers," the second guard said using his pith helmet to fan his face against the rising heat of day.

"Don't discount a girl with feathers," the first guard replied with a leer. "They can tickle you in all the right places…"

Both men laughed before being distracted by a commotion from the field below.

"Jassa!" a women screamed. "Jassa na ronna!"

The guards looked over the edge of the tower to see a younger woman making a break from the paddies towards the jungle two hundred meters away. An older woman of the same green-skinned species was screaming for her not to go. However, the younger woman didn't stop sprinting through the water and muck.

"Looks like we got a runner," the second guard said nonchalantly. "You want this one?"

"Yeah," the first guard said unslinging his disruptor rifle and bracing it against the edge of the bamboo struts. He adjusted his scope and zoomed in close enough to make out the hair bouncing against the young woman's back.

"If you don't shoot soon, she'll get away," the second guard warned.

"Calm down," the first Romulan replied, "it's no fun if you shoot 'em while they're close. You gotta test yourself," he added with a chuckle.

"Alright," the second guard said shaking his head, "but you'll be the one explaining to the centurion why she made it to the treeline this time."

"She's not gonna make it to the treeline…" he muttered while placing his finger on the trigger. He slowly began to squeeze…

Just before he fired, a plasma rocket streaked across the horizon and blew their tower to bits. The flaming hunks of the two guards scattered across the paddies below.

A Romulan assault ship zoomed over the tree line and began circling the entire compound like an angry vulture. Guards in the other towers started shooting back with their disruptors, but it was hopeless. The grey-skinnned hover craft roared through the sky in tight spirals and completely obliterated the entire perimeter in less than a minute.

The prisoners in the fields huddled low in the muddy water, unsure of what was happening. They shielded their eyes against the sun watching the ship cut down the Romulans with ease. When it became clear it wasn't here to hurt them, a few even started cheering.

Romulans resting in their barracks half a kilometer away began sprinting outside fumbling with their weapons. All started shooting back at the attack ship which now turned its attention to them. Its engines roared as it zoomed back and forth firing hails of plasma rockets, grenades, and thousands of pulse-disruptor blasts into the confused and terrified guards. Buildings, fences, and fortifications were ripped apart in the ruthless barrage. Romulans who managed to fire back were blown to pieces. Romulans who tried to flee into the jungle were shot through the back without any mercy.

Three minutes later, the entire compound was nothing but smoking ruins littered with green-splattered bodies. The assault ship hovered motionlessly in the air for a few moments before gliding back towards the fields. The prisoners cautiously approached as the ship engaged its landing thrusters and gently set down on the edge of one of the Roskat paddies throwing up clouds of mud and debris. Then, the vehicle killed its engines and a side hatch slid open.

Half a dozen fighters from different species jumped out carrying a mix of particle and melee weapons. They formed a protective semi-circle around the ship as a few of the bravest prisoners finally approached them in stunned silence. A tall Gralluscan emerged from the side of the assault ship accompanied by a yellow-furred Sarcassan. The Gralluscan looked out on the thousands of starving, huddled prisoners gawking back at their savior who just dropped from the sky.

"Some of you might have heard of me," he said removing a pair of sunglasses to reveal his piercing yellow eyes. "My name is Rellas. I am warrior who fights to free the oppressed of the galaxy. I do this by killing Romulans and, as you can see, I am very good at it." He looked back and forth to see a glimmer of hope emerge from behind the prisoners' sunken eyes. "I've come looking for volunteers to join my quest. Have I come to the right place?"

A roar erupted from the crowd.

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