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'Party Crashers'

VIP Lounge, Deck 4

Tossing back the last of a drink before picking up another proffered on a tray by a cheesed off yeoman, McGregor welcomed, "So glad you could make it Monroe."

Approaching McGregor, alongside Cartwright, arms folded, Dr. Judith Monroe replied with a teasing tone. "Oh I wouldn't have missed it for the world Captain."

McGregor shifted his attention from the beautiful CMO to the stern faced Commander. "Not wishing to talk shop, Molly but whom did you leave on the bridge?"

Cartwright mocked. "That sounds awfully like a professional interest Captain."

He returned her mockery with a pretence at being offended. "Wash your mouth out Commander!"

"It does sound very uncharacteristic of you dear Captain." Stanley added with sincerity.

"Thank ye Stanley. Glad to see someone is on my side."

Monroe reassured him, as she lifted a flute of champagne. "Trust me Captain; no one would think that of you. And for your information, we left one of the new ensigns in charge - Cutler I think you said Molly."

McGregor smacked a palm to his forehead. "Heavens forbid! I hope you tied his laces before you left. Though I doubt it'll stop him tripping over himself."

"That's a little harsh."

"He's a little kitten wrapped in a bag about to go for its first and last swimming lesson." For effect, he added a pitiful, "Meow"

"Captain." Molly gave her voice a stern tone as she rebuked the Captain. In correcting him, she hoped to rein him in a little. Sometimes it worked. More often, it did not.

"Oh hush now Molly and have a drink." He beckoned the bored yeoman over with a tray of drinks.

Waving a hand, she deferred. "I've decided I've had enough."

Downing his drink and picking up another tumbler he said, wiping his mouth with the sleeve of his uniform, "Since when, you lush!"

"Since I figured, it might be nice to have at least one senior officer not incapacitated by drink."

"Sometimes Molly you are a spoilsport. Well, as long as the figure is only at least one! Means Judy can join me and Stan," Stanley went to interject. "Don't grammar police me Stan! Judy can join me and Stan in a drinking contest. Besides, Gardner is as sober as a judge. Granted he's also as prickly as a hedgehog's bum, but it is a day ending in a ‘y'. And no doubt, Dexter is pumping iron even as we speak. So you might want to reconsider ..."

A transport effect caught McGregor in its hold and he brought his drink up to his shocked faced as he dematerialised.

The bored expression was wiped of the yeoman serving drinks as they profaned, "What the ..."


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