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"I'm sure Doctor Whitecamp will be happy to get her ship back," Alex said leaning on the aft railing of the Enterprise's bridge.

"Even if it's not quite perfectly preserved anymore…" Katie said with a chuckle.

"I can't wait to see the new brochure," Laria settling back in her chair.

"You know," Quinn said leaning on his cane next to the port control consoles. Chief Woody and Buster were alongside him. "For a bunch of young punks, you guys don't fight too bad."

"Ole' James Tiberius would be proud," Woody added. "And I know for sure because I worked for the bastard."

"And probably slept with him once or twice…" Buster chuckled.

"I never slept with officers!" Woody countered. "Hands are too soft."

"You have no idea how much that means, Chief," Annabeth said joining in the laugher. "By the way, I am pregnant…not fat."

"Glad some things have changed," Woody said. "When I had my first kid, I got turfed to a starbase for two years."

Annabeth smiled.

"I'm just glad this old girl got to see some action one more time…"

On the viewscreen, the silhouette of the Pershing appeared alongside as she escorted the Big E back to port.

"You don't realize it when you're onboard, but By Uzevah the Infinite," Scharr said gazing up at the Pershing. "That is a big ship."

"Not so big as her captain, I think," Laria said with a sigh.

"That's a little more than I wanted to know about our boss, L," Katie said sarcastically.

"Dammit, Katie!" Laria said angrily. T'les raised an eyebrow.

"I see," the Vulcan said from next to Scharr. "A metaphorical description of the size of Captain Tigranian's character juxtaposed against the implied physical size of his penis. Quite humorous."

Quinn rubbed his eyes.

"God, I hate Vulcans…" he muttered.

"Now, that the sentimentality of this beautiful moment is thoroughly ruined," Phil said, "it's too bad we don't have the chance to take her out to deep space for a final warp run before they shut her down for good."

"I don't know, Phil," Annabeth said still enjoying her famous chair for a few more hours. "You never know what the future will bring. Who knows? Maybe in hundred years another crew will get to take her out again and boldly go where no one has gone before…"

As the Enterprise-A passed the asteroid belt into the inner solar system, the sun once again brilliantly illuminated the hull of the ship. The Pershing and Shran quietly sailed alongside as the USS Sulu followed a few lengths behind. Underway together, the task force headed for home.

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