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Summary: Delayed by engine problems, the U.S.S. Orion picks up a Starfleet ship adrift in empty space. Commander DuMont and Doctor Baxx lead relief teams to the ship, stricken with a biological weapon. Things go from bad to worse when two of the crew are exposed to the pathogen.
Rated: M
Categories: Expanded Universes Characters: None
Genre: Drama, Tragedy
Warnings: Adult Situations, Character Death
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Series: Star Trek: Orion
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 7288 Read: 1063
Published: 30 Mar 2016 Updated: 30 Mar 2016
Story Notes:
Takes place in June 2375.

1. Star Trek: Orion - 7 - The Living Death by Bry_Sinclair [Reviews - 1] Liked (7288 words)