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Part 5

“”Read the last book! It’ll all become clear with the Elder wand and Harry’s…”trailing off, Louis pauses in the kitchen, catching sight of his parents curled up on the sofa in the living room. It appears they had fallen asleep fully-dressed in their uniforms, wrapped in a blanket, and each other’s arms.

Face set in a scowl, Wes nudges Louis. “Go get dressed. I can get us some breakfast in a few minutes.”

Shaking his brother off, Louis, in his pyjamas and socks, pads over to the sofa, intrigued and amused. “Mom? Papa?”

Beverly jumps, startled awaked from her position lying on top of Jean-Luc on the sofa. “Louis?”

Giggling, Louis peers down as Beverly rights herself.

Grunting, Picard rouses roughly, Beverly shifting on top of him. “Wha…”

“Why didn’t you sleep in your bed?” Louis asks in a giggle, as Picard sits up, stretching his stiff muscles.

Blushing, Beverly pushes aside the blanket. “I guess we fell asleep.”

“”Comfy sofa,” supplies Picard playfully, stretching his arms.

Rolling her eyes, Beverly tries not to smile at Picard.

“Come on!” urges Louis, gesturing with his uninjured hand. “It’s time for breakfast. Can we have waffles?”

Beverly stands off of the sofa and puts her hand on Louis’ head. “I’ll get you some porridge.”

“Papa let me have waffles,” Louis points out, as Beverly guides him over to the kitchen.

Tossing a look at Picard over her shoulder, Beverly moves to the replicator. “He did, did he?”

Following her over to the replicator, Picard shrugs. “The boy broke his wrist. It was the least I could do.”

Wesley observes silently as his mother and Louis’ father set about preparing breakfast, interpreting their words and body language. He knows it’s all changing. He just doesn’t know what’s happening.


“Don’t give me those eyes,” giggles Beverly, her arms around Jean-Luc’s neck as they stand at her cabin door.

Sighing dramatically, Jean-Luc caresses her hips between his hands, a tiny smirk playing in the corner of his lips. “Just a little night cap?”

Picard had joined Beverly and the boys for dinner after their shift, and after dinner he had helped Wes with a science project before reading Louis a story before bed. With Louis fast asleep and Wes finishing his homework, Beverly and Jean-Luc had been attempting to part for several minutes, standing at the cabin entrance.

“The boys are right here,” reiterates Beverly regretfully, rubbing his neck.

“Come to my quarters?” suggest Picard hopefully.

Grinning against Jean-Luc’s lips, Beverly lays her forehead against his. “I think we could arrange that.”

“Tomorrow then?” Jean-Luc confirms hopefully.

“Tomorrow,” promises Beverly, sealing it with a kiss. “I’ll drop in after I put Louis to bed.”

“Perfect.” Jean-Luc kisses her back before backing toward the door. “Goodnight, cherie.”

Waving, Beverly watches as Jean-Luc disappears into the corridor.

“Mom?” Wesley stands behind his mother, observing her looking at the closed cabin door.

Startled, Beverly whips around, hand on her chest. “Wesley!”

“You and Captain Picard?” asks Wesley, confused. He had watched from the kitchen as the captain, his brother’s father, had kissed their mother goodnight and exited.

Alarmed, Beverly exhales, her heart palpitating wildly. “Wesley….”

“Is this why we transferred to the Enterprise? You wanted to be with Louis’ father?” Wesley asks, trying to put all the pieces together.

Shaking her head, Beverly reaches for her older son’s arm. “No, sweetie. It’s…complicated.”

“Mom, why didn’t you say something? Shouldn’t Louis know?” Thoroughly dumbfounded, Wesley has a hard time trying to make sense of these relationships.

“Sweetheart, it’s not simple,” explains Beverly. “We came here so that we all could be together. I did want Jean-Luc and Louis to have a relationship. But, what’s happening now between Jean-Luc and I is so new. I don’t know how to define it.”

Pursing his lips, Wesley crosses his arms over his chest. “Well, be careful, Mom. Louis is really happy to have his dad in his life, and it would be horrible if anything happened to change that.”

Suddenly feeling chastised and warned, Beverly stiffens, taking Wesley’s words to heart.

“And, I don’t want to see you hurt,” adds Wesley quietly.

Silent, Beverly can’t find the words to articulate a response.


* *

Jean-Luc opens the door hurriedly, eagerly anticipating his visitor.

With a forlorn smile, Beverly enters Picard’s quarters. “I’m sorry.”

“What’s wrong?” Jean-Luc inquires concernedly, closing the door behind her. Beverly, in her uniform, appears tense and pensive. He had expected her to come over after she had put Louis to bed, anticipating that she would be in a relaxed and pleasant mood.

“I can’t stay,” Beverly informs him ruefully.

“What happened?” Jean-Luc asks, taking her hand.

Grimacing, Beverly’s face is plagued in conflict. “I think we’re moving too fast.”

“Too fast?” Jean-Luc raises a brow. “Beverly, we’ve waited a decade to be together. Glaciers move quicker.”

“What about the boys? What if it doesn’t work out and they’re hurt?” proposes Beverly, a hard lump in her throat.

Smiling gently, Jean-Luc brings her hand to his lips and kisses her knuckles. “And what if it does work out, and it’s wonderful? And the boys have a father to guide and nurture them, and you have a partner to help raise them? And you have someone who will show you every single day just how much he loves you?”

Hands trembling, Beverly bites her lip, attempting in vain to contain her tears.

Jean-Luc weaves a hand in her hair, drawing her close to him. “It’s okay to be scared. Opening up involves risk. But, I promise you, you will only ever know love and contentment and adoration. You must let us work together.”

Closing her eyes, Beverly whimpers, laying her forehead against his. “Yes. I want to.”

“Mom?” Beverly’s communicator badge chirps and Wesley’s voice, frantic, comes through the comm link. “Where are you?”

Alarmed, Beverly’ eyes dilate as she taps the comm badge on her uniform. “Honey, what’s wrong?”

“Louis is puking,” relays Wes in a panic. “Can you get back here?”

Lips parted, Beverly shares a queasy look with Picard. “I’ll be right there, sweetie.”


“I’m sorry I puked all over the bed,” apologizes Louis, pale as Picard tucks him into the bed in the corner of the boys’ room.

Beverly had settled the little boy’s stomach and changed his linen, while Picard had fetched clean pyjamas and helped Louis into fresh pyjamas.

“Oh, honey. It’s just an accident.” Beverly perches on the edge of the bed next to Picard. “Lay down. You’ll be asleep in no time.”

“You think it was the pain medicine?” Picard asks Beverly as she bends to kiss Louis’ forehead.

Beverly brushes Louis’ hair back as he settles into his pillow. “I gave him an anti-inflammatory for his wrist. I’ve never given it to him before. It really didn’t sit well.”

“Well, he’s just fine now,” Jean-Luc smiles gratefully, standing off of the bed.

Beverly follows Jean-Luc, leaving her now contentedly dozing son in bed.

“How is he?” Wes asks, as Picard and his mother emerge into the kitchen.

“He’s fine, sweetie,” Beverly relays as Wes sets his glass of water on the counter. “Just gave him something to settle his stomach. He should sleep the rest of the night.”

“Okay. Well, I’m going to go read for a bit,” Wes tells them.

“Goodnight, honey.” Beverly puts a hand on Wesley’s shoulder and kisses his cheek.

“Night, Mom. Goodnight, sir.” Wesley nods to Picard, taking a step back toward his bedroom.

“Wesley, you should call me Jean-Luc,” suggest Picard with a relaxed smile.

Somewhat uncomfortable, Wesley nods.

Putting a hand on the small of Beverly’s back, Jean-Luc bobs his head. “Goodnight.”

“Night.” Wesley retreats to his room, leaving Picard and his mother in solitude.

Turning around, Beverly raises a brow. “Dropping the formalities, are we?”

“I want Wesley to be comfortable,” admits Jean-Luc, sliding his around her back. “I can’t replace Jack, but I do want to be his friend.”

Beverly pecks his lips, slipping her arms around his torso. “Thank you.”

Jean-Luc returns the kiss vigorously, gripping her hips. Beverly melts into his embrace, lost in the sensation as their tongues duet. Grabbing at his back, Beverly rubs her pelvis against his. Groaning, Jean-Luc breaks off, panting.

Resting her forehead against his, Beverly’s heart pounds against her chest, her cheeks aflame. “You wanna stay for a little nightcap?”

Grinning wildly, Jean-Luc runs his hands down her sides. “You’re certain? We’re not moving too quickly?”

Playfully smirking, Beverly grasps his hand and tugs him toward her bedroom. “Be very quiet.”

Filled with anticipation, Jean-Luc follows her lead into the bedroom.

Giggling, Beverly falls backward onto the bed, as Jean-Luc bends down to cover her lips with his own, gently lowering his body over hers on the bed. Jean-Luc brushes her hair back with one hand, affording a better angle to deepen the kiss.
Their tongues dancing, Beverly draws him closer, hand trailing down his chest, then further down to ghost over his erection.

Briefly breaking off, Jean-Luc pants, his pupils dark with desire. "I love you.”

Beverly's eyes pool with tears, a warm sensation blossoming in her stomach. Resting her forehead against his, Beverly grazes her lips over his. "I love you.”

Jean-Luc crushes her lips with his, fervently kissing her. His leg glides against hers, Jean-Luc’s hands on her chest. He briefly kneads her breast with his hand,
before sliding his hands up to her neck, reaching for the zipper on the collar of her uniform and pecking her lips. Reciprocating as he slips the uniform slowly down her sides, Beverly slides out of the garment. Tossing the garment onto
the floor, Jean-Luc watches Beverly toe out of her socks. His eyes roaming over her form, Jean-Luc hastily doffs his own uniform. Beverly helps him, sitting up and tugging his briefs down quickly. Throwing aside his briefs, Jean-Luc manoeuvres Beverly onto her back on top of the sheets, peppering her neck in hot, wet kisses.

Beverly, glides her hands across the smooth muscles and soft hair of his chest, sighing his name breathily. Kissing him gingerly, Beverly pulses with desire and nerves simultaneously. "Jean-Luc…it's been…a very long time.”

Jean-Luc kisses her nose, cradling her face between his hands. “I love you, cherie. You are perfect.”

Trembling, Beverly inhales deeply. She reminds herself that Jean-Luc is here and he loves her and he is not leaving. She’s allowed to feel good. She’s allowed to be happy. She’s allowed to want to be happy.

Turning his attention to divesting Beverly of her bra, Jean-Luc slips the garment off her shoulders. Lowering his mouth to one nipple , Jean-Luc sucks forcefully until Beverly cries out in pleasure.

Jean-Luc alternately sucks and nibbles her neck, grateful Beverly has relaxed and is eager. He slides his hands down her hips, slipping her panties down and

Hissing into his ear, Beverly wraps her bare legs around his, caressing his inner thigh. Jean-Luc groans, gripping her hip, his fingers teasing around the entrance to her core.

"Lower," pleads Beverly desperately, startled by her own vocalizations.

Blazing a hot trail across her neck and collarbones until she's whimpering, Jean-Luc smirks in satisfaction when she scratches at his hip. He's beyond thrilled to see her so passionate, so enthralled in the moment. He makes her moan continuously into his neck when he flicks his fingers fleetingly across
her clit. And when he circles his fingers in a slow, agonizing rhythm, Jean-Luc has Beverly writhing beneath him. Arching her hips to his hand, Beverly
grasps for his cock, her cheeks ablaze and growing wetter by the moment.

A guttural grunt escaping his throat, Jean-Luc struggles to maintain composure as Beverly stroke him harder. Descending his mouth to her breast,
Jean-Luc sucks and licks until Beverly is trembling beneath him.

"Jean-Luc." Whimpering, Beverly clutches at his back. The one and only time they had been together, after Jack’s memorial service, they had been plagued with guilt and remorse. Rushed, hurried, desperate, their union had been passionate and quick. In contrast, tonight with Jean-Luc is tender and intimate, and Beverly is simply overcome with the sheer emotion of it all. ”I want you.”

Jean-Luc caresses her stomach, his hand warm and strong. “I need you so much.”

As Jean-Luc positions himself above her, the ache for him is dizzying. Covering his hands with her own, Beverly eases him in slowly. The fullness of having him inside her depths is intense and Beverly moans aloud.

Jean-Luc grazes his lips over hers, hazel eyes darkened in desire. The sheer intensity of the moment is driving both of them close to the brink so rapidly. "Cherie, are you alright?”

Beverly grins, pecking his chin. "I'm just fine.” Sighing in contentment, Beverly rocks her hips against his, relaxing into the rhythm. “You’re wonderful.”

Sucking her bottom lip, Jean-Luc’s strong fingertips grasp her hips. Kissing his jawline, Beverly tastes the salt on his skin. Jean-Luc maintains a slow rhythm, concentrating, trying to prolong the contact. By contrast, Beverly, consumed in the moment, wants desperately to find a hard, fast pace, gyrating her hips to his.

"Easy, dear," urges Jean-Luc, his hot breath caressing her ear.

Tingling, Beverly pulses with need, orgasm threatening far too quickly. It had been so long, ten years since she and Jean-Luc had been together, and she’s unravelling so quickly. But, she knows it won't be what it could be if she comes now. She desperately wants to prolong their union, to be joined together with Jean-Luc when they surrender. Closing her eyes, Beverly takes in the feel of his
chest against hers and the exquisite feel of his hands threading through her locks. Mewling, Beverly grinds her pelvis against his, Jean-Luc thrusting up to meet her. His finger circles around for her clit , Jean-Luc’s eyes darkened in lust, but Beverly protests, stilling his hand. “Please, Jean-Luc. No…”

Kissing her cheek, Jean-Luc forestalls her. "Let go, my love. It’s alright.” Sucking a taught nipple between his lips, Jean-Luc thrusts into her in measured strokes.
Beverly cries softly, digging her fingertips in along spine. Accelerating his rhythm, Jean-Luc sends her spirally over the edge. Finally surrendering, Beverly's climax is a trembling, slow shudder . Beverly writhes and sighs into his neck, clutching his backside. “Jean-Luc…"

Ragged breathing, Jean-Luc's own orgasm ripples through him. Stiffening, Jean-Luc grunts her name into her ear as he pumps within her. Both entirely spent, they regain their breath together.

Stroking down his back, Beverly exhales, trembling beneath him, hardly able to fathom what has transpired. Unable to contain the hot tears welling in her eyes, Beverly is overwhelmed.

Jean-Luc notices the tear stains on her cheeks and her slight shaking, and brings a hand to dry her cheek. “Cherie, what’s wrong? Did I hurt you?”

Hand on his neck, Beverly smiles against his cheek. “No, my love. Of course not. You were wonderful. I’m perfect. Just a little…overwhelmed. A lot to take in.”

Jean-Luc presses his lips to her cheek. “That’s alright, my dear. We’ve got time to figure it all out. I love you.”

“I love you.” Exhausted, Beverly’s eyes flutter closed, lost in the sensation of him inside her, his warm hands on her damp skin, and his love blanketing her.

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