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Summary: A missing scene from TWOK, meant as a tribute to Leonard Nimoy upon his passing. Told from Amanda’s POV. The movie never explored her grief, which to my mind must have been profound. Written a few days after I got the news, but not posted until now.
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Rated: K+
Categories: Original Series Characters: Grayson, Amanda, Kirk, James T.
Genre: Family, Friendship, Tragedy
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Word count: 1481 Read: 1039
Published: 24 Dec 2015 Updated: 24 Dec 2015
Story Notes:
This was written back in March for possible inclusion in a tribute fanzine. We were asked not to post our works at the time, but since it’s been nine months and I haven’t heard anything, I think it’s safe to upload it now.

This does contain allusions to some of my other works, namely ‘Six Degrees of Separation,’ ‘Secrets’ and the free write ‘Man’s Best Friend.’ Knowing them will make this a richer story, but understanding them isn’t necessary for this one to make sense.

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