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His first message awaited her, ready to view. T'Sora's heart rejoiced at the line revealing the sender's identity. "S'chn T'gai Spock. U.S.S. Enterprise."  Slashes of sunlight cut across the screen, but she did not adjust the blinds of her university apartment. 

Her joy fading to uncertainty, she went to the window and gazed out over the quad where medical students sat studying in the open air. How fine and clean everything looked, compared to the wilds of Shi'yon'Kahr Preserve. But it was those same rugged wilds that had brought her a new husband. What, now, would she find in his heart?

Her eyes sought out a hedge coming into flower by a side entrance. Soft yellow mist in a land of fire and stone. Surviving, even thriving. Would she survive as well?

A chill crept over her as she turned back to the computer. What if Spock's healing was not as stable as she first thought? Would he regret their hurried marriage? Would he disown their unborn child? Or worse yet, attempt to take the boy from her?

Speculation was illogical when the answer lay so close at hand. There was no time to waste. Down in the quad, students were getting up and heading to their classes. How strange that she-like Dorian Wren-was a university professor...and due at a lecture hall in ten-point-five minutes.

Hands trembling slightly, she ordered Spock's message to appear.

Resplendent in Starfleet uniform, he spoke their native tongue. "T'Sora, I was very ill when I first came under your care. I cannot remember all of that period, and some of what happened later, I would prefer to forget. But never thee. To think, aisha, that I might have died in the sandclaw's grip and never known the depths of thy love...or my own. I can only be grateful that circumstances brought us together, and I look forward to every moment as lifelong bondmates and parents to our son."

In conclusion, he added a tentative stardate for his next visit, courteously inquiring if she found it agreeable.

Her heart overflowing, T'Sora reached out and touched his beloved image. It was then that she noticed it. The insignia on his uniform was now that of a captain. Captain!

There was the best evidence of his condition, evidence more telling than anything else Spock might have said. Only the fittest of Starfleet officers were promoted to that rank. Yes. He was truly well and would remain her lifelong bondmate. And with that precious knowledge, she blacked the screen and started for the door. Her students would already be assembling in the lecture hall. She must not be late. There was so very little time each day, and such a vast store of knowledge to pass on to the future healers of Vulcan.



Chapter End Notes:

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